Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stubborn weight? Crazy allergies? Could there be a reason?

Let me just say that I do think that medicine is wonderful.  There are pills, potions and procedures that have given millions of people relief and better lives.  That said, sometimes the medical training seems to override common sense.  When a woman comes in with a raging painful bladder infection but the tests say she is fine, would you just send her on her way?  Apparently that has happened to many.  (Even me, once about 10 years ago.) The base level of the test is too high so if you fall in a number below what they consider a problem, they think your faking.

Same goes for yeast.  Doctors do not seem to consider fungal infections a problem and the tests do not seem to detect most yeast infections that could be creating an incredible list of symptoms from stubborn weight gain, migraine headaches, crazy joint pains, gas, bloating, irregular bowl, food sensitivity, ...the list is long...  You do not need to be discharging yeast to have a Candida problem either.  There could be little or no itching or mucus associated with yeast to have Candida.  The doctors do not look for it and will even try to convince you that you have allergies, gluten sensitivity, IBS and all kinds of things when just clearing yeast will often fix all of your symptoms - including stubborn weight that won't release even with a great diet and exercise.

Maybe one day they will wake up and yeast clearing will become a trend.

I would guess that having fungi growing in the body creates acidity, since pretty much all of the symptoms are also things that respond to a more alkalized diet. If you have been doing everything "right" - getting some exercise, eating balanced with mostly whole foods and you still have some things that just do not seem right to you - you might want to look to see if there is a yeast connection.  Seek out a couple of opinions.  Find a doctor who is holistic.  Get a food/wellness or Chinese medicine specialist to talk with you.  Do not simply say it's age or you have to live with it or any of the other cast off statements doctors have said just to dismiss something they can't solve.

I'm glad I never accepted the so called MD skin specialists who told me my eczema was like diabetes and I would be on medications the rest of my life and I'd just have to live with it.  You can heal your body.  I've had clear, eczema free, skin now for more than twenty years and I was the worst case they had ever seen.  The only thing that brought it back was yeast.

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