Sunday, April 14, 2013

Original Fast Food (yeah it's vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, macrobiotic and gluten free...recipe.)

This was my breakfast two minutes ago.  I really ought to get out of the habit of eating in front of the computer.  Instead I ought to savor the flavors, and make sure I chew each bite.  All I can say is it was delicious, and went down about as quickly as I heated it up.

Original fast food was creative uses of leftovers.  Most countries took the bread, pasta or whole grain from the previous nights dinner and reheated it with something else for breakfast.  Rice became fried rice with chick bits, and egg.  Spaghetti became a pasta pancake.  Bread could be fried as in french toast or turned into a bread pudding type of thing.

Having some sort of milk and eggs on hand helped many cultures to liven the first meal of the day.   This morning I had leftover quinoa I have not eaten in two days so I wanted to do something with it.  As grains sit in the fridge they change texture a little, but work well in burgers, pancakes, breads and puddings.  This was more like a rice pudding.  I heated it up in a small amount of soy milk for richness, added the blueberries and  sweetener (use what ever you like.  For those clearing candida conditions you could use stevia and no berries.).

I like sweet things, but if you prefer savory, simply fry up with veggies, tofu, or egg and some herbs.  When using tofu, I prefer a wee bit of turmeric added for color and flavor along with a sprinkle of organic tamari. 

Get creative and use what you have to create super fast and satisfying foods that are unique to you.

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