Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Your Spring Working - and start a new recipe for your life

If too many peeps, chocolates or matzahs have pushed down your springiness this April - you might be feeling like taking radical measures.  Are you looking at a cleanse, juice fast or some kind of spa stay, thinking that will perk you up and start summer off feeling pretty?

Typically this is when food coaching picks up as the credit card shock from the holidays wears off and the thoughts of swimsuits and shorts start sinking in.  The fasts and diets often backfire as every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.  Fasts often lead to binges and the weight lost is more than gained back. 

Instead of being drastic - take a look at what you eat.  Really.  Write it all down. Every snack, meal, shake, coffee, or candy.  Even the gum.  Right it down.  What are the culprits causing too much acidity?  Where could you cut back a little bit and not even notice? (If you want to gain weight, where could you add in...)

If your breakfast is typically eggs, toast and a shake.  Would you be willing to switch to simple whole grain with a few seeds?  Is too much coffee creating cracks (wrinkles) in your smooth skin? If you don't want to let it go, would you be willing to make it a once or twice a week treat?  How many desserts are you eating?  Could some of those cookies be replaced by whole fruits?

Remember small things can = big results over time.  Make some changes - lighten up and let go of using food, or avoiding food, or worrying about your size.  It's time to make recipes you can live with and have a game you can win.

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