Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foodication or Identifoods whichever you like

I am making up words for a title of this idea.  Which one do you like better - Foodication or Identifoods?  I'm curious.

Both represent the idea that you eat foods that support your identity.  Identity is not fixed in steel or cement and glued to your soul.  Identity is your choice really.  You get to choose who you are.  Do you think of yourself as someone with a weight issue, health issue, too tall, small or other than pretty?  Do you identify with being poor rather rich or know that your faking it because your identity is with the middle class and you cover yourself with designer goods, a sleek car and the perfect hair to convince yourself of being more.  The truth is you are more.  A lot of people's identities have not caught up with that though.  (Me included - my identity just has the food issue handled but I still have my obstacles.) 

One of the biggest problems I see people struggling with is quantity of food.  Those that feel too thin can't seem to bring themselves to eat just a little bit more and those that want to be sleeker do not want to switch what they eat or give up the sizes they're comfortable with.  It shakes people up at the level of their identity.  Interestingly though, it doesn't take long to shift once you get committed to just playing the game consistently.  The key, I think is just making the shifts somewhat gradual.  If you normally eat 1/2 or a 1/3 of a pot of something.  Eat 1/3 or a 1/4 of the pot instead. 

If you panic when you feel slightly lighter inside, let yourself feel the feelings.  Stop using food to cover where you don't feel good about your day or showing you that you are someone who stops at Starbucks or someone who likes x, y, or z and start being someone you are proud of.  Then when you have the treats, the extras or bigger portions it will be from a new identity.  Hurting yourself won't feel good anymore.  Eating lighter or more whole and less refined - will.

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