Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is Healthy?

Just posting the photo I took above makes me envision kiwi prints replacing leopard prints in fashion, as fruits and vegetables are finding greater notoriety.  Look at Kale - the eat more kale guy is doing a whole film in defense of his slogan and favorite green.  Quinoa is popping up in so many places that my friend Aurorae took me to a wonderful restaurant one afternoon in NYC where the very American menu sported a delicious red quinoa burger on a potato bun.  (Thank you gluten free craze 'cuz some of what is getting made now I really like...)  More people are discovering whole foods, as I did, to experience better health.

Then there is always that question - What is healthy?  Is it just the absence of detectable disease?  Are we all really in a state of some decay from birth to death?  I just read that preschool age kids laugh about 400 times a day (yeah, your money paid for that study...) and adults only laugh at the most about 17 times a day.  Is that a clue as to why kids are more resilient?

Is the person downing their green juice and omitting red meat really doing that much towards their vitality as they rush to their next meeting?

I think the answer lies in a combo pack of good foods, releasing stress, a little exercise and finding things that bring smiles to your face often.  Joy is healthy, and the rabbit hole of depression drags you down.  Interestingly, eating well usually lifts ones mood as your internal milieu is vitally connected to your emotional state.

When you are healthy and happy things usually just go better in other areas of life as well.  In coaching circles there is the ubiquitous wheel.

I have a worksheet I offer to students where they can fill in the wheel with colors and decide where they are on a scale of 1-10 right now in each area.  10 being fantastic and 0 being not having that area at all in their life.   Then they can decide where they would like to be, and what steps could facilitate getting there.

Health then is not just about what you eat.  It's about your life.  Your life affects your choices.  If you have an incredible constitution and attitude, you will have a lot of power that can override the abuse of what you ingest.  Most people though, will create a cascading acidic condition until they start having too many symptoms to ignore.  The weight gain, fatigue, sniffles, headaches, mood swings, aches, etc can all be rectified with a change in diet.  The overall health is more interdependent on the entire scope of the persons life.

So what is healthy?  It's a conversation.  It's as much or as little as you decide to dedicate to it.  It isn't hours in the gym.  It's a commitment to make choices in the direction of health instead of the opposite.

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