Monday, March 4, 2013

What Do You Allow Yourself - Get Successful With Your Health

I was just thinking of how we make the choices we do.  What do we allow ourselves to think is possible?  If you know that Kudzu tea (recipe here: will cure a hangover (food or alcohol) or combat a cold, it gives you more freedom than if you didn't have that as a possibility.

I don't ponder flying to the moon.  I'm not interested in being an astronaught, the journey seems longer than a flight to Africa, and definitely not as interesting once you got there.  Hotel service would be nonexistent, and the bathrobe wouldn't stay on well in zero gravity.  Flying to the moon is outside of my rehlm of possibility so I don't consider it.

What we do consider for ourselves is based on what we think is possible.  If others have done it, then it seems logical that we might be able to do a thing as well.  You only know what others have done or what could be by finding out or dreaming it up yourself.  The internet has endless access to the world but it's how you do your search that brings you the results you find.

For some people what is possible to eat is limited to a few items because that is all they allow themselves.  It might be growing up believing that pizza and beer is right, and the vegetarians are nuts, or it might be a belief in certain foods for religious purposes are eliminated.  What do you dismiss as not possible for you?

Do you resist eating healthy but want to feel better in your own body?
Do you say you don't have time to cook?  Don't have the resources to get what you need?
What is your reasoning for keeping yourself out of greater possibilities?  Are you willing to let that go and have more?

Letting go of what the culture is doing has not been easy for me at times, but now the culture is catching up with what I've been doing for more than 20 years.  Society is embracing new foods like quinoa or kale, making them mainstream and a possibility for more people just by the awareness.

See where you keep yourself safe and small and dismissing greater possibilities for your life.  What could make your life sweeter than honey and brighter than the moon?  Your life is simply a reflection of what you allow in your mind.  Expand what's possible for you.

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