Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get yourself a sign for spring.  Yes, that's right.  This silly doodle was my own little reminder that I want to feel good in my body, and eating a tad lighter always does that since my tendency is to consume more than my body really needs.  I like that full feeling of quantity, and sometimes I just like to keep eating for the pleasurable sensations of sweet, savory, crunch or creamy, when I really should have stopped spoonfuls before I do. 

Use a doodle app, or grab your kids Crayola's and make something, or several little reminder signs you can hang on the cupboard, mirror, wall, desk or anywhere you will see it many times a day to remind yourself. (post-it index cards are good to have all over....)

Lightening up can feel frightening even if it's two pounds or twenty or more.  When you are used to a certain fullness, taking away some quantity often brings out emotions or just feels differently and even good feelings are change.  Change is an adjustment only until the new feeling becomes the norm.  Let it.  Start living as the person you want to be even if that means you have to put down the cookie and wait to have it, or in my case, put that bag of Monukka raisins back on the shelf. (why are those so addictive - something about the sweet, chewy and extra crunch in the middle maybe?) What is your weakness?  Crackers, eating until the plate is empty, too many after work beers or finishing what the kids didn't eat?  Teach yourself (and teach those who love you just by being an example) to let go and love your healthy and physical self more than any particular food item. 

Come up with your slogan, your word, what you want to have this spring and beyond, and then spring ahead and take action.  (remember to keep going for 30+ days to make this your new habit) Summer will be here before you know it and you'll be feeling fabulous.

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