Friday, March 22, 2013

3-2-1 Rice!

One pot of rice could be endless different meals.  Rice pudding, rice pilaf, fried rice, Lemon chicken over rice, rice tossed into soup, sweet rice crunchies, rice burgers are just a few ideas.  3-2-1 is a combination of grains that I find works very well.  The above combination of 3/4 cup black rice, with 2/4 cup Jobs tears (Hato Mugi) barley with 1/4 cup of sweet rice could be used for all of those things.  I met a woman who combines the black with quinoa and cooks it in coconut milk for a sweet rice that she eats as a side dish, and I imagine she fries some of the leftovers up with vegetables and protein later in the week.

Use what ever grains you like and see how it comes out.

3‑2‑1 Rice

3/4 C. Short grain brown rice
2/4 C. Sweet rice
1/4 C. Soft wheat berries
3 C. water, plus  a little  extra if pot boiling
(or 2 1/4 C. water, plus a little  extra if pressure cooking.)
pinch of sea salt.

Come up with your own grain combinations. Here is another one that I liked.  Wash the grain and bring water to boil.  Add the grain  and when the water returns to a boil add the salt. Cook for 45min ‑ 1 hr until  all the water is absorbed.  Also nice soaked overnight‑before cooking.

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