Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun Fast Treats with Mochi - vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, macrobiotic

What is versatile, energizing and even gluten free?  That's right Mochi.  The fastest, cleanest, fun food, you probably have yet to eat.

I buy the from my local health food store.  Brown rice mochi is more nutritious than the white ones you might find in an Asian market.  (forget mochi ice cream - that's not what we're talking about here...)

You will get a lot of energy from this brown rice mochi.  It's a strenghtening and building food.  All new mom's should get it at their baby showers.  Plus it is so easy to enjoy.  Pop a square into your toaster oven to make quick snack.  Slice some and add to your evening meal for a cheesy texture and added satisfaction.  Put a few slices on a waffle iron for instant waffles or as I did this morning, fry some grated mochi up for a pancake.  I added grated apple with a little cinnamon and a dollop of maple sheep milk yogurt for a delicious and quick breakfast treat.  You are only limited by your imagination with mochi.  There is no wrong way to make it. 

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