Saturday, February 2, 2013

AhhSome Drinks - Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Gluten Free - Healthy Indulgence

What's the recipe for healthy drinking?  No sugar, no chemicals (remember "natural flavors means glutimates that you don't want...) and could even do something great for your beautiful body...

I wandered into Westerly's market last week after a wonderful lunch with my friend Aurorae.  Sad that she was moving back to L.A., I went in to grab a bulb of garlic for my dinner and ended up walking out with some incredible new drinks.

Ahhmigo ( has a brand new, ingeniously packaged green drink, that I would love to experiment with.  One bottle is a nice, refreshing alkalizer, but I am curious to see what sorts of results I would get from drinking one every day.  The ingredients are super supportive with no added sugars.  While I still love Harmless Harvest's sweet coconut water as a hydrating treat - I'd spend my $3 more readily on this new Ahhmigo beverage, just knowing I'm being more than refreshed for the moment, and boosting all of my cellular functions.
The smart package design puts the ingredients in the cap where they only get hydrated once you bop the top.
This potentially means that it is more like eating fresh raw juice that hasn't lost anything from sitting around oxidizing.

Try Ahhmigo yourself and let me know what you think.  It's even Kosher and the company doesn't work on Saturdays.  If you can't find it at your local market - I'm pretty sure they will let you order online.... and start asking for it at Whole Foods!  It's one of those products that I wish I had thought up myself.

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