Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's Your Dream?

What would really make you happy?  Maybe you are happy, and just have an area where you are annoyed?  A little extra weight?  Forgetting things or feel scattered?  Maybe you haven't been exercising and don't have the nice boost of energy and sexy strong body that you remember having?

Do you think you'd be happier with more money, better relationships, having kids or not having them?  What is your fantasy life? 

Most people think something other than what they have would be more fun.  They just are not willing to do what it takes to have that.  Sometimes they knock themselves out trying and don't see it wasn't their dream after all.  It was their parents dream or the dream they thought would get them liked, loved or being someone they actually are not truly interested in.

Your dream is possible.  Your dream is right for you.

Coaching is about removing the obstacles you place in your way.  Its seeing things from new angles to offer you more than your own mind will allow.  

I teach my food coaches in training to use techniques that go beyond most therapy and beyond the food.  Sometimes getting back into exercise or into a good eating habit, requires going beyond the mind and doing it for a higher reason.  One young mom came to me who wasn't eating.  She was skin and bones and in danger of losing her health.  The one thing she loved in the world was her daughter.  Using some NLP types of mental reasoning, she then saw how eating well and exercising was the best thing she could do for her daughter.  It set an example since our kids become who we are and not what we tell them to be.  It changed her life forever and stopped her internal battles.  

She went on to miraculously start her dream of becoming a working actress.  (Sorry, can't tell you who she is 'cuz she isn't ready to tell this side of her story yet...) Far later in life than what we think a woman can begin a successful career as a leading lady, this woman is now thriving and living her dream.

Go to the thing that you most would like to be doing and work backwards.  What are the steps you can take right now to begin?

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