Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's So Macro Anyway?

When I first encountered a book on Macrobiotics, I was less than interested.  It had so many rules about Yin/Yang and how to cut your vegetables in certain directions, that I closed the book and said "Not for me."  Years went by and I met Dirk Benedict on set one day.  When I was a little girl, I thought Dirk was dreamy when I watched him on TV.  Here he was taking an interest in me and telling me I didn't eat well.

We got into many a conversation about food because at that point, I had cleared my horrific eczema, that had been covering my entire body all my life, with a vegan diet.  I didn't know anything about balance.  I didn't know anything about how different foods were affecting me, I just knew I had skin for the first time and people liked my "healthy food" that I cooked and shared.

Dirk told me to go and read his book.  That started me on a voracious path of learning Macrobiotics.  I went to every conference, read every book and started studying with teachers around the world.  They taught me a lot.  I learned that macrobiotics is about balance.  All food is macrobiotic and that stuff about cutting vegetables a certain direction is somewhat fringe stuff that is minor compared to the larger elements of eating in a way that creates balance for your particular body and condition -  and conditioning the mind to be living a joyous, free, happy, and disease free, life.

As I chewed, and cooked, and read, I found that the promises of a macro life were actually true.  The diet had a profound affect on my body, mind, energy, and health.  I no longer needed all the supplements I was using, I slept more soundly, had more energy and my moods never flew off the handle anymore, no matter the week of the month it was.  There was no going back to vegan hotdogs or white bread with sugar in it.  Cane sugar and dairy and chemicals are the three things I stay away from and I am far happier and healthier for it.

I feel that if Macrobiotics is taught well - it is tailored and updated for the modern individual.  We don't want to stand in the kitchen for hours.  Who has the time?  We want simple things to follow, and good taste, and results.  That's what EveryDayMacro is all about.  Whether you are a celebrity, would like to look like one, need more energy to get you through the day, or need to clear a health condition - learning how food works for you or against you is a valuable tool.  It's something you learn once and have forever.  It's something you can share with family and friends.

Every Day Macro living is what you were designed to be living.  Healthy, happy, free - that's what the macro is in macrobiotics.  Large Life.  Start yours today!

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