Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #7

When you are hungry do you grab something at the first tinge or do you distract yourself?  What is it that you say?  Do you asses if it is real hunger or thirst or maybe anxiety?  In this series of weight loss tips that work with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise, we have covered a lot.  One more powerful thing you can do to be the size you desire to be, is create rules and stick by them.

If you didn't abide by traffic rules, and head out into the street at any old time, you could die.  If you don't want to subscribe to the laws of gravity and try jumping off a building - yes - you could die.  Somehow though, many humans don't want to make rules for themselves and stick to them when it comes to food, unless they are dying. 

What if there were rules to live by that brought you more energy, great moods consistently, more sexual friskiness, and terrific health?  Would you want those things?

You just have to live by some food rules to be able to have a slender, healthy, body with incredible energy and even anti-aging.  Are you willing to play? 

I've been living this way for many years, and the benefits are huge.  Sure you can cheat and do what you want, but if you let yourself be a child who is continually winning at every temper tantrum and never has to make a bed, clean a dish or take out the trash, you are going to have a mess on your hands.  If you never took a shower or brushed your teeth, not only would you not be very popular, you might start feeling badly.

Many people feel badly inside of their own skin but still do not wish to have self governed rules in place to feel better the way they do about taking showers and brushing teeth.    Coaching can help.  Learn how foods are affecting you and learn how to harness your mind to make your life be more vibrant than ever - and slender.

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