Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #6

What's Full Got To Do With It?

Food is fuel.  Yeah, it's pleasure, nurturing, it's the friend who listens as you cry over the one who got away, or the partner to that beer.  Food might seem to distract you from  problems, or be there when you don't know what to say and it's a first date, or a fifth date, or the 55th year of marriage and sharing is still fun.  Food has more supporting roles than Christopher Plummer, and yet, what food is best at is being fuel for your cells. 

What happens when you stand at the gas station filling and filling and find that the off switch is broken in your car and the gas spills all over the place?  Well lets just hope you don't drive off and light a cigarette or it might look like a WB cartoon.  Too much fuel is just a waste.  The car can't hold it.  With you it's a waste too, but your tank is somewhat expandable.  Unfortunately performance and health take a toll for overeating. 

When I ask clients how do they know when they are full, there is confusion.  "When there is no more food on the plate," I've heard far too often.  "When I'm stuffed." Is a common one.  You don't want to be stuffed and you want to learn to allow yourself to feel a little lighter inside.  It's better for the body and the waistline.  Let your stomach guide you.  Make a fist.  That is approximately the size of your stomach.  As you eat, it fills with food matter and pushes against the diaphragm.  You sigh. 

Some people have a large sigh.  The mouth opens, the chest heaves, air is expelled....other people might just lean back from the table.  That is a great signal to say okay, I'll stop here.  I can always wrap up what I haven't eaten and take it on home.  It could be a snack if you are hungry later or sometime to include in a meal the next day. 

Have a cup of hot tea after a meal is nice way to cap it off, and also give yourself a physical signal that this meal is officially done.   Remember it's all about re-patterning to live and be the person you want to be.

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