Monday, January 7, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #4

Be Specific

You can have what you want if you are specific.  Have you ever tried to make a cake but where vague about the ingredients, or how to long to cook it?  You probably just got a mess.  Many people pick the number they want to see on a scale, but are vague when it comes to how to create that person.  You can't be a size two, and think in portions of a size 12.  Start being the sort of person you want to be.  It's the wishing you were something else that creates the dissonance and pain.

Models are most likely hungry often, but they tell themselves something different, than you might be, about the feeling of hunger.  To a model, actress or someone where weight matters for their work, hunger might be interpreted as "Oh that's alright, I'll eat soon at mealtime, right now that just means I'm rockin' my skinny jeans." (See

Start emulating the behavior of people who are smaller, if you want to be someone who is more slender.  Little kids, and thinner people often eat slowly, savoring each bite.  Food is delicious fuel but then there are so many other interesting things to be involved with, that they don't use food as comfort, love, a friend, entertainment, distraction, or a have to have at the movie theater.  Be willing to be someone who feels so full of life, love and interesting pursuits, that there is little time for midnight ice-cream binges or bags of chips devoured in the afternoons.

Slender people and kids are usually active.  The walk, run, skip, jump, or find themselves enjoying pilates, yoga, bike rides, gym equipment, gymnastics, dance, skate boarding, skiing, etc.

If you want lasting results to be a size that makes you happy, create that person now and start living it.  If you need a coaching session to help you fall into that place.  Book one now while you get 40% off!

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