Friday, January 4, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #2

 Green is a friendly color to weight loss, (please watch your smoothie intake though, adding greens doesn't make it for weight loss if the rest of the drink is full of sugars,) but did you know that parsley is one of those fat dissolvers too?  I'm looking for the editor that wants to buy my article that includes all of the veggie kingdom's special weight loss wonders - If you know this person, please send them my way...

You can easily grow your own:
While you may be thinking of it only as a garnish, you might find it works well as an addition to many a cooked dish as well.  Use a handful of parsley in place of another green and definitely keep sprinkling it on top of meals.   Parsley tea can be used as a diuretic but the sprigs themselves will freshen breath, aid digestion, purify blood and keep you working toward your favorite slender shape.

Pregnant ladies wait until after delivery to consume much, but then this small leaf can help contract the uterus and encourage milk flow. 

With 3 times the as much vitamin C than an orange, and twice as much iron as spinach, two sprigs can keep you strong and vibrant.  Not bad for a simple weight loss addition.

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