Monday, January 21, 2013

Unlimit Your LIfe - Forever

Free To Eat is the name of this blog and maybe it should be retitled - Free Your Life -  Start With Food.

There are many paths to fun, freedom and vibrant living.  There are many dietary theories.  My way won't be your way.  Your way will be unique to your particular body, your past, your upbringing, your heritage and tastes.

I had a history of constant illness.  Several times I was in the hospital almost dead.  By the time I was 24 I stumbled onto food as a "cure" and it's been a journey of discovery ever since.  First there was a 10 year vegan phase that worked well, but not fully.  Then there was an herb phase, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine phase and then I uncovered the magic of macrobiotics.  There are good and bad aspects to any staunch system and while I didn't like the cultish brown rice following macrobiotics seemed to illicit, I could see how the whole foods, balanced way of eating it promoted was the answer I had been searching for.

I read every book, went to every conference and started studying with a wide variety of teachers.  I wished macrobiotics were called something less 60's Hippyesque so I could identify with the group, but I never felt it was the right name for what I was doing.  My mostly macrobiotic diet included the flexitarian diet, and most other diets with the extra addition of knowing how the individual foods affected me and how to create balance.

Balance is key.  Balance gives you freedom to have a body that works well, tingles with energy for living and allows you a clear, connected mind. 

When I began teaching, I simplified things for people, created Fast and Easy recipes we all could enjoy and encouraged everyone to read further, take cooking classes and enjoy all of the benefits I knew were possible first hand.

Diet goes beyond health and healing, beyond ease, beyond clarity of mind.  Diet can enhance all of your abilities, beyond what you knew you were capable of.  Things seen and unseen.

It's just one tool in your toolbox but it is a powerful wizards wand when you know how to use it.  If I could give you just one gift that would last your lifetime - it would be the knowledge of how food works.  Go get it today!

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