Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolve to Reframe

Reframing is a simple and powerful little tool you might have learned in a psych class, a coaching seminar, or from a self- help speaker.  Basically it is being willing to see something from a new point of view.  The "I'm too fat and no one is ever going to want me," turns into "I have lost weight before so I know it is possible.  If I get into better habits, I could keep it off for good instead, of reverting to old ways, and even if I don't look like a model, there are probably more men out there who like a woman with curves, I see women of all sizes with great guys..."

Reframing is how you see something in a more productive way.

Lying to yourself isn't going to work, sugar coating the truth where you put a smiley face sticker over the problem often just makes things worse, so how in the heck does reframing a situation make a difference?  By taking you out of the negative emotional state and giving you more room to breath, you are more apt to take some new actions and feel better.  This can snowball into momentum towards your goals where things start getting easier.  It all starts in your mind.

You could be worried about spending money on something you really want.  You are justifying or maybe just put the purchase on a credit card and now are eating over the feelings of guilt.  Instead you could reframe the investment as something you needed.  Maybe you needed to feel better about yourself.  Maybe you needed the instruction, or the distraction this purchase gave you and you can see the benefits.  

Practicing reframing can get you out of a negative and stuck situation and put you on a more successful track. 

A therapist or coach will often be reframing for you so you can see more possibilities.  If come in complaining that you can't stop eating crackers, he/she might ask you questions to find out what the crackers are giving you and then what that answer will give you and what it is you really want/need.  When you learn to ask yourself the questions yourself, you will begin to be adept and thwarting off your own binges, bulges and "laziness".  It can be quite fun. 

It's day one of the new year and a great time to begin living your dream... Don't let a little old thinking spoil that.  Get out and reframe.

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