Thursday, January 24, 2013

If You've Been a Client Read This Now

Hey it's been a while - or for some of you a day... Either way - All of my past clients have been enjoying the old 2010 rates.  (You can access from the hidden link I send you.)

That's a whopping 70% savings (or there-a-bouts) that I've been offering, so that you can continue your success.  Take advantage of it right now.  After my birthday (February 25th), that page will be coming down and no longer available.

You have just 4 weeks to get the low rates.

Sign up now if you would like a session to inspire, inform, and boost you to reach your goals.

Sign up now if you have wanted to teach people yourself, and set up your own food coaching business.

Sign up now if you have wanted to eliminate an ailment, or obstacle, that you just haven't taken the time to address yet.

I've watched some of you go from downtrodden and broke, to living your dreams as artists, actors, writers, business people, and dancers.  I've seen weight loss miracles, skin clear so fast it is mind boggling, and those given death sentences - live.  It's been fantastic to start with food and see how your mind shifts, your relationships get better, and basically the flat to thriving lives that happen from simple steps.  Starting with food.

Get out of any ruts right now.  Make a plan for the next twelve months.  What would you like to be celebrating?  What kinds of items do you want to buy?  Maybe a dress size, or a house or a dream vacation?  How do you want to look, feel and see each day?  Who do you want to be there sharing your dream?  Make a few plans.  Take a few steps.  Start living your way and make it shine.

If you think that a session could help you take the next steps - be sure grab yours right now.
Just contact me if you don't have the link to the hidden page:

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you starring in your dream life.

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