Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Session For Someone Willing to Reformat

Lulu is changing things once again.  I have to think that it most likely has something to do with Lulu making more money from the thousands of us who use their site and don't sell big numbers.  My few cookbooks sell consistently enough that I would like to keep their e-versions out there and could use a little help with the reformatting.

If you are willing to read their guide and reformat my two top selling ebooks - I will give you a free session.  The work probably won't take long if you already know a thing or two but will take longer if you don't, and have to study their guide.  Either way,  the books must convert properly from a word doc to their new epub thing that converts word docs.  Two books equals one session for you.  Since the cookbooks are not long like a novel and once you figure out the flaw, it should be easy to correct all the way through, it's a pretty sweet deal.

Email me if you are interested.


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