Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Phases - where are you?

No matter if you are working on creating a body that is more slender, toned, beefed up, or maybe you have a health condition to clear up, and using food like I did, to make sure it never comes back, you'll find yourself going through different phases with your food.

The first phase might be excited learning.  You get rid of old boxes, bottles and bags, and line your shelves with healthy staples.  Out with the dry cereal and in with the whole grains.  You look up inspirational recipes and begin having new tastes and creations.

Then you might get frustrated or zealous.  Frustration can be missing old foods, feeling left out of what "the world" (what you think others) is doing.  Maybe you don't like some of the things you've tried and have not sought out instruction to find more things you do like.  Too much frustration and you could find yourself back to your old habits and old sizes.

Zealous folks get so excited about the changes they are experiencing, they think everyone ought to be eating this way.  They want to preach, teach, or push a whole foods lifestyle on friends and family and get disappointed at the resistance or unhappy when those folks push back and try to get to eat "normally."  It's natural to be excited, especially as you see how food affects your moods, clarity, energy and everything that you do in your day.   A clean living diet is just not what most Americans and Europeans are doing currently so you have to stay strong and carry on with compassion and not compulsion.  The over zealous sometimes get so discouraged that no one will come to their way, they backslide just like the frustrated types.  They want to fit in more than they want the incredible results from eating well.

There are other phases that you will ride through such as just needing inspiration or figuring out how to make things simple, quick and always available for yourself.  The benefits are worth the small amount of attention you need to put in. 

Making some new friends who are at least friendly to your new food habits can help as you get yourself solid in new things.   Getting coaching is invaluable as the investment lasts a lifetime.  You will forever hear your coaches encouraging words, cooking tricks or the tools they used to help you shift your thinking. 

If you are stuck in an uncomfortable phase - book a session and then ride on that life changing shift, getting into your groove of joy and ease, all year long.  Now is always a good time to begin.

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