Friday, January 25, 2013

Dissolve The Eating Demons

Have you ever binged?  I mean really binged - where you kind of wake up at the bottom of a pint of ice-cream (even the Coconut Bliss kind) or a bag of chips and wonder how you could possibly have eaten it all.  The crackers or cookies, whole pizza's or boxes of doughnuts that you said you were just tasting and now feel them in your belly like a hunk of lead with subsequent guilt and remorse? 

Binges are frustrating.  They often feel out of control.  Some people describe them as demons that take over and leave you feeling guilty, uncomfortable and horribly sad/angry. 

You can stop binging.  The first step is to eliminate the triggers as much as you can.  Eating sugar, dairy or a lot of meat, can throw your system so off balance that one extra drop of stress and BAM - a binge.

Let go of cane sugar and opt for fruit and mildly sweet treats.  Limit desserts to a couple of times a week.  Eat more balanced whole foods meals - (learn what balance really means) and drinks, and examine where the binging is coming from.  Binges are usually triggered by emotions.  Emotions you might not want to look at.  Are you binging on chips?  What are you angry about?  Are you binging on ice-cream?  Where do you feel like everything is too hard and you need comfort? 

What is it that you don't want to look at that your body is trying to get you to settle?  Maybe someone made a comment and hurt your feelings.  Deep feelings that need to be resolved?  Look for the triggers and how you could heal them.  If you need a coach or a therapist to help.  Book a session now.  Get yourself binge free and dissolve your demons for good!

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