Friday, January 25, 2013

Dissolve The Eating Demons

Have you ever binged?  I mean really binged - where you kind of wake up at the bottom of a pint of ice-cream (even the Coconut Bliss kind) or a bag of chips and wonder how you could possibly have eaten it all.  The crackers or cookies, whole pizza's or boxes of doughnuts that you said you were just tasting and now feel them in your belly like a hunk of lead with subsequent guilt and remorse? 

Binges are frustrating.  They often feel out of control.  Some people describe them as demons that take over and leave you feeling guilty, uncomfortable and horribly sad/angry. 

You can stop binging.  The first step is to eliminate the triggers as much as you can.  Eating sugar, dairy or a lot of meat, can throw your system so off balance that one extra drop of stress and BAM - a binge.

Let go of cane sugar and opt for fruit and mildly sweet treats.  Limit desserts to a couple of times a week.  Eat more balanced whole foods meals - (learn what balance really means) and drinks, and examine where the binging is coming from.  Binges are usually triggered by emotions.  Emotions you might not want to look at.  Are you binging on chips?  What are you angry about?  Are you binging on ice-cream?  Where do you feel like everything is too hard and you need comfort? 

What is it that you don't want to look at that your body is trying to get you to settle?  Maybe someone made a comment and hurt your feelings.  Deep feelings that need to be resolved?  Look for the triggers and how you could heal them.  If you need a coach or a therapist to help.  Book a session now.  Get yourself binge free and dissolve your demons for good!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If You've Been a Client Read This Now

Hey it's been a while - or for some of you a day... Either way - All of my past clients have been enjoying the old 2010 rates.  (You can access from the hidden link I send you.)

That's a whopping 70% savings (or there-a-bouts) that I've been offering, so that you can continue your success.  Take advantage of it right now.  After my birthday (February 25th), that page will be coming down and no longer available.

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I've watched some of you go from downtrodden and broke, to living your dreams as artists, actors, writers, business people, and dancers.  I've seen weight loss miracles, skin clear so fast it is mind boggling, and those given death sentences - live.  It's been fantastic to start with food and see how your mind shifts, your relationships get better, and basically the flat to thriving lives that happen from simple steps.  Starting with food.

Get out of any ruts right now.  Make a plan for the next twelve months.  What would you like to be celebrating?  What kinds of items do you want to buy?  Maybe a dress size, or a house or a dream vacation?  How do you want to look, feel and see each day?  Who do you want to be there sharing your dream?  Make a few plans.  Take a few steps.  Start living your way and make it shine.

If you think that a session could help you take the next steps - be sure grab yours right now.
Just contact me if you don't have the link to the hidden page:

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you starring in your dream life.

What's Your Dream?

What would really make you happy?  Maybe you are happy, and just have an area where you are annoyed?  A little extra weight?  Forgetting things or feel scattered?  Maybe you haven't been exercising and don't have the nice boost of energy and sexy strong body that you remember having?

Do you think you'd be happier with more money, better relationships, having kids or not having them?  What is your fantasy life? 

Most people think something other than what they have would be more fun.  They just are not willing to do what it takes to have that.  Sometimes they knock themselves out trying and don't see it wasn't their dream after all.  It was their parents dream or the dream they thought would get them liked, loved or being someone they actually are not truly interested in.

Your dream is possible.  Your dream is right for you.

Coaching is about removing the obstacles you place in your way.  Its seeing things from new angles to offer you more than your own mind will allow.  

I teach my food coaches in training to use techniques that go beyond most therapy and beyond the food.  Sometimes getting back into exercise or into a good eating habit, requires going beyond the mind and doing it for a higher reason.  One young mom came to me who wasn't eating.  She was skin and bones and in danger of losing her health.  The one thing she loved in the world was her daughter.  Using some NLP types of mental reasoning, she then saw how eating well and exercising was the best thing she could do for her daughter.  It set an example since our kids become who we are and not what we tell them to be.  It changed her life forever and stopped her internal battles.  

She went on to miraculously start her dream of becoming a working actress.  (Sorry, can't tell you who she is 'cuz she isn't ready to tell this side of her story yet...) Far later in life than what we think a woman can begin a successful career as a leading lady, this woman is now thriving and living her dream.

Go to the thing that you most would like to be doing and work backwards.  What are the steps you can take right now to begin?

If you need a session to launch yourself and remove some blocks - sign up now at because the January special won't last for long.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another way to "cook" Kale - Gluten Free, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, macrobiotic recipe

Versatile Kale can be crisped up like chips, water fried, added to just about any dish or used raw in a salad.  I'm only a fan of the latter if it's a marinated salad.  Here's a recipe from Fast and Healthy

Marinated Kale Salad

Kale is sweetest in early spring or fall.  Choose smaller leaves for the best flavor.  This wonderful salad can be as varied as the vegetables you have on hand.  Try adding in additional vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, meat or other fixings as you choose.

6 leaves of kale or more torn into pieces
1 lemon
pinch of sea salt
olive oil (optional)
Dulse, inspected and torn apart (as much or as little suits you.)
1 ripe avocado, peeled and sliced

Place the kale in a bowl and sprinkle with sea salt.  Squeeze in the juice from the lemon and drizzle with olive oil.  Mix in Dulse and Avocado and allow to marinate for several hours to overnight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's So Macro Anyway?

When I first encountered a book on Macrobiotics, I was less than interested.  It had so many rules about Yin/Yang and how to cut your vegetables in certain directions, that I closed the book and said "Not for me."  Years went by and I met Dirk Benedict on set one day.  When I was a little girl, I thought Dirk was dreamy when I watched him on TV.  Here he was taking an interest in me and telling me I didn't eat well.

We got into many a conversation about food because at that point, I had cleared my horrific eczema, that had been covering my entire body all my life, with a vegan diet.  I didn't know anything about balance.  I didn't know anything about how different foods were affecting me, I just knew I had skin for the first time and people liked my "healthy food" that I cooked and shared.

Dirk told me to go and read his book.  That started me on a voracious path of learning Macrobiotics.  I went to every conference, read every book and started studying with teachers around the world.  They taught me a lot.  I learned that macrobiotics is about balance.  All food is macrobiotic and that stuff about cutting vegetables a certain direction is somewhat fringe stuff that is minor compared to the larger elements of eating in a way that creates balance for your particular body and condition -  and conditioning the mind to be living a joyous, free, happy, and disease free, life.

As I chewed, and cooked, and read, I found that the promises of a macro life were actually true.  The diet had a profound affect on my body, mind, energy, and health.  I no longer needed all the supplements I was using, I slept more soundly, had more energy and my moods never flew off the handle anymore, no matter the week of the month it was.  There was no going back to vegan hotdogs or white bread with sugar in it.  Cane sugar and dairy and chemicals are the three things I stay away from and I am far happier and healthier for it.

I feel that if Macrobiotics is taught well - it is tailored and updated for the modern individual.  We don't want to stand in the kitchen for hours.  Who has the time?  We want simple things to follow, and good taste, and results.  That's what EveryDayMacro is all about.  Whether you are a celebrity, would like to look like one, need more energy to get you through the day, or need to clear a health condition - learning how food works for you or against you is a valuable tool.  It's something you learn once and have forever.  It's something you can share with family and friends.

Every Day Macro living is what you were designed to be living.  Healthy, happy, free - that's what the macro is in macrobiotics.  Large Life.  Start yours today!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Unlimit Your LIfe - Forever

Free To Eat is the name of this blog and maybe it should be retitled - Free Your Life -  Start With Food.

There are many paths to fun, freedom and vibrant living.  There are many dietary theories.  My way won't be your way.  Your way will be unique to your particular body, your past, your upbringing, your heritage and tastes.

I had a history of constant illness.  Several times I was in the hospital almost dead.  By the time I was 24 I stumbled onto food as a "cure" and it's been a journey of discovery ever since.  First there was a 10 year vegan phase that worked well, but not fully.  Then there was an herb phase, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine phase and then I uncovered the magic of macrobiotics.  There are good and bad aspects to any staunch system and while I didn't like the cultish brown rice following macrobiotics seemed to illicit, I could see how the whole foods, balanced way of eating it promoted was the answer I had been searching for.

I read every book, went to every conference and started studying with a wide variety of teachers.  I wished macrobiotics were called something less 60's Hippyesque so I could identify with the group, but I never felt it was the right name for what I was doing.  My mostly macrobiotic diet included the flexitarian diet, and most other diets with the extra addition of knowing how the individual foods affected me and how to create balance.

Balance is key.  Balance gives you freedom to have a body that works well, tingles with energy for living and allows you a clear, connected mind. 

When I began teaching, I simplified things for people, created Fast and Easy recipes we all could enjoy and encouraged everyone to read further, take cooking classes and enjoy all of the benefits I knew were possible first hand.

Diet goes beyond health and healing, beyond ease, beyond clarity of mind.  Diet can enhance all of your abilities, beyond what you knew you were capable of.  Things seen and unseen.

It's just one tool in your toolbox but it is a powerful wizards wand when you know how to use it.  If I could give you just one gift that would last your lifetime - it would be the knowledge of how food works.  Go get it today!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Session For Someone Willing to Reformat

Lulu is changing things once again.  I have to think that it most likely has something to do with Lulu making more money from the thousands of us who use their site and don't sell big numbers.  My few cookbooks sell consistently enough that I would like to keep their e-versions out there and could use a little help with the reformatting.

If you are willing to read their guide and reformat my two top selling ebooks - I will give you a free session.  The work probably won't take long if you already know a thing or two but will take longer if you don't, and have to study their guide.  Either way,  the books must convert properly from a word doc to their new epub thing that converts word docs.  Two books equals one session for you.  Since the cookbooks are not long like a novel and once you figure out the flaw, it should be easy to correct all the way through, it's a pretty sweet deal.

Email me if you are interested.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Phases - where are you?

No matter if you are working on creating a body that is more slender, toned, beefed up, or maybe you have a health condition to clear up, and using food like I did, to make sure it never comes back, you'll find yourself going through different phases with your food.

The first phase might be excited learning.  You get rid of old boxes, bottles and bags, and line your shelves with healthy staples.  Out with the dry cereal and in with the whole grains.  You look up inspirational recipes and begin having new tastes and creations.

Then you might get frustrated or zealous.  Frustration can be missing old foods, feeling left out of what "the world" (what you think others) is doing.  Maybe you don't like some of the things you've tried and have not sought out instruction to find more things you do like.  Too much frustration and you could find yourself back to your old habits and old sizes.

Zealous folks get so excited about the changes they are experiencing, they think everyone ought to be eating this way.  They want to preach, teach, or push a whole foods lifestyle on friends and family and get disappointed at the resistance or unhappy when those folks push back and try to get to eat "normally."  It's natural to be excited, especially as you see how food affects your moods, clarity, energy and everything that you do in your day.   A clean living diet is just not what most Americans and Europeans are doing currently so you have to stay strong and carry on with compassion and not compulsion.  The over zealous sometimes get so discouraged that no one will come to their way, they backslide just like the frustrated types.  They want to fit in more than they want the incredible results from eating well.

There are other phases that you will ride through such as just needing inspiration or figuring out how to make things simple, quick and always available for yourself.  The benefits are worth the small amount of attention you need to put in. 

Making some new friends who are at least friendly to your new food habits can help as you get yourself solid in new things.   Getting coaching is invaluable as the investment lasts a lifetime.  You will forever hear your coaches encouraging words, cooking tricks or the tools they used to help you shift your thinking. 

If you are stuck in an uncomfortable phase - book a session and then ride on that life changing shift, getting into your groove of joy and ease, all year long.  Now is always a good time to begin.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #7

When you are hungry do you grab something at the first tinge or do you distract yourself?  What is it that you say?  Do you asses if it is real hunger or thirst or maybe anxiety?  In this series of weight loss tips that work with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise, we have covered a lot.  One more powerful thing you can do to be the size you desire to be, is create rules and stick by them.

If you didn't abide by traffic rules, and head out into the street at any old time, you could die.  If you don't want to subscribe to the laws of gravity and try jumping off a building - yes - you could die.  Somehow though, many humans don't want to make rules for themselves and stick to them when it comes to food, unless they are dying. 

What if there were rules to live by that brought you more energy, great moods consistently, more sexual friskiness, and terrific health?  Would you want those things?

You just have to live by some food rules to be able to have a slender, healthy, body with incredible energy and even anti-aging.  Are you willing to play? 

I've been living this way for many years, and the benefits are huge.  Sure you can cheat and do what you want, but if you let yourself be a child who is continually winning at every temper tantrum and never has to make a bed, clean a dish or take out the trash, you are going to have a mess on your hands.  If you never took a shower or brushed your teeth, not only would you not be very popular, you might start feeling badly.

Many people feel badly inside of their own skin but still do not wish to have self governed rules in place to feel better the way they do about taking showers and brushing teeth.    Coaching can help.  Learn how foods are affecting you and learn how to harness your mind to make your life be more vibrant than ever - and slender.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #6

What's Full Got To Do With It?

Food is fuel.  Yeah, it's pleasure, nurturing, it's the friend who listens as you cry over the one who got away, or the partner to that beer.  Food might seem to distract you from  problems, or be there when you don't know what to say and it's a first date, or a fifth date, or the 55th year of marriage and sharing is still fun.  Food has more supporting roles than Christopher Plummer, and yet, what food is best at is being fuel for your cells. 

What happens when you stand at the gas station filling and filling and find that the off switch is broken in your car and the gas spills all over the place?  Well lets just hope you don't drive off and light a cigarette or it might look like a WB cartoon.  Too much fuel is just a waste.  The car can't hold it.  With you it's a waste too, but your tank is somewhat expandable.  Unfortunately performance and health take a toll for overeating. 

When I ask clients how do they know when they are full, there is confusion.  "When there is no more food on the plate," I've heard far too often.  "When I'm stuffed." Is a common one.  You don't want to be stuffed and you want to learn to allow yourself to feel a little lighter inside.  It's better for the body and the waistline.  Let your stomach guide you.  Make a fist.  That is approximately the size of your stomach.  As you eat, it fills with food matter and pushes against the diaphragm.  You sigh. 

Some people have a large sigh.  The mouth opens, the chest heaves, air is expelled....other people might just lean back from the table.  That is a great signal to say okay, I'll stop here.  I can always wrap up what I haven't eaten and take it on home.  It could be a snack if you are hungry later or sometime to include in a meal the next day. 

Have a cup of hot tea after a meal is nice way to cap it off, and also give yourself a physical signal that this meal is officially done.   Remember it's all about re-patterning to live and be the person you want to be.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #5

Are you hungry or thirsty?

There are valid times for a snack.  Maybe you didn't eat much for lunch and need a little fuel by 4pm?  Maybe your blood sugar needs some work by healing the pancreas so you need to eat a small snack every couple of hours to feel normal.  (You can easily heal your pancreas in most cases, so you won't need to snack...)  Or maybe what you are currently thinking is a hunger signal - is thirst.

Stats vary, but let's just say you are about 70% water as a pretty good figure.  That's a lot of H2O compared with carbon and other matter.  You cells need water.  They don't need a Skinny Vanilla Latte or a 50 fruit smoothie with whey protein.  They need water.  If water is just too boring, try herbal teas, or beverages without a lot of acidity to them.  (Pure cranberry juice, for example, diluted with water.)  Drinking a nice big glass when you thought you were hungry can often satisfy you until the next meal.  Hopefully those meals are full of water rich ingredients like whole grains (obviously bread isn't whole grain - we're talking the real whole thing here cooked ya know.), beans, and veggies, with small amounts of fruits. 

Many people find sipping instead of snacking can make all the difference in their weight loss goals for life.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #4

Be Specific

You can have what you want if you are specific.  Have you ever tried to make a cake but where vague about the ingredients, or how to long to cook it?  You probably just got a mess.  Many people pick the number they want to see on a scale, but are vague when it comes to how to create that person.  You can't be a size two, and think in portions of a size 12.  Start being the sort of person you want to be.  It's the wishing you were something else that creates the dissonance and pain.

Models are most likely hungry often, but they tell themselves something different, than you might be, about the feeling of hunger.  To a model, actress or someone where weight matters for their work, hunger might be interpreted as "Oh that's alright, I'll eat soon at mealtime, right now that just means I'm rockin' my skinny jeans." (See

Start emulating the behavior of people who are smaller, if you want to be someone who is more slender.  Little kids, and thinner people often eat slowly, savoring each bite.  Food is delicious fuel but then there are so many other interesting things to be involved with, that they don't use food as comfort, love, a friend, entertainment, distraction, or a have to have at the movie theater.  Be willing to be someone who feels so full of life, love and interesting pursuits, that there is little time for midnight ice-cream binges or bags of chips devoured in the afternoons.

Slender people and kids are usually active.  The walk, run, skip, jump, or find themselves enjoying pilates, yoga, bike rides, gym equipment, gymnastics, dance, skate boarding, skiing, etc.

If you want lasting results to be a size that makes you happy, create that person now and start living it.  If you need a coaching session to help you fall into that place.  Book one now while you get 40% off!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weight Loss that Works - Tip #3

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a macro plate?  It's boring.  You get small piles of brown rice, beans, greens, sea veggies and vegetables.  Most things are not seasoned or seasoned badly, (why can't restaurants make sea weed taste good when it's really pretty easy?) so they usually will include a dressing. 

Eating the plain, mostly veggie plate, can feel good once in a while, but as a steady diet - it gets old.  The problem with that is, many people in their weight loss goals, try to stick to something like this for a long time and think that is the way to health.  It's the way to boredom and binges.  I used to wonder why so many macrobiotic teachers would teach all about the benefits of whole foods and then be drinking coffee, scarfing on sweets and many times, didn't look well.  Then I discovered many of them didn't have a good diet at all.  They were trying to be super strict and wound up with a spoon in the jars of peanut butter and brown rice syrup nightly. 

I also discovered that for many people, getting variety and fun into their diet, helps them eat less and stick to their goals.  I love to experiment and try things.  You may have wondered what I did with the rest of the daikon I blogged about yesterday?  I will make some cooked rounds tomorrow with the rest but first I decided to create daikon/scallion pancakes and they were delicious, fast and easy to do.  Since I was only cooking for myself, I did the braised butternut squash and parsley in the same pan as the pancakes. 

These amounts are for one person - multiply accordingly:

Daikon pancakes

3 inches of raw daikon, grated
1 egg
1/2 tsp. miso paste (or salt and pepper would be fine too.)
2-3 scallions, chopped
1/3 C. organic unbleached flour (use rice flour for gluten free)
oil for frying

You can grate the daikon right into the mixing bowl, add the green onion, miso paste and egg.  Beat with a fork a few times to mix in the egg but don't overmix.  Stir in the flour.  Use more flour if the batter is too thin.  (some daikon have more water than others)

Fry as you would any pancake flipping only once so as not to create a tough product.

Have fun with your food and it will help you to enjoy the food more and be able to feel satisfied with less quantity.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weight Loss That Works - Tip #2

 Green is a friendly color to weight loss, (please watch your smoothie intake though, adding greens doesn't make it for weight loss if the rest of the drink is full of sugars,) but did you know that parsley is one of those fat dissolvers too?  I'm looking for the editor that wants to buy my article that includes all of the veggie kingdom's special weight loss wonders - If you know this person, please send them my way...

You can easily grow your own:
While you may be thinking of it only as a garnish, you might find it works well as an addition to many a cooked dish as well.  Use a handful of parsley in place of another green and definitely keep sprinkling it on top of meals.   Parsley tea can be used as a diuretic but the sprigs themselves will freshen breath, aid digestion, purify blood and keep you working toward your favorite slender shape.

Pregnant ladies wait until after delivery to consume much, but then this small leaf can help contract the uterus and encourage milk flow. 

With 3 times the as much vitamin C than an orange, and twice as much iron as spinach, two sprigs can keep you strong and vibrant.  Not bad for a simple weight loss addition.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weight Loss that Works - Tip #1

Since so many people are wanting to resolve their struggles with weight once and for all - I thought I would do a series of tips to get that going.  Feel free to pass them around and share.

Who doesn't like speedy results?  You've probably heard that it took a long time to acquire the extra pounds so it will take a long time for them to come off.  While safe weight loss isn't super speedy, there are things you can do to start seeing some results.

I'm sure cleanse sales are going up as I type this.  Americans not only want speed, they want to do something drastic to mark their progress.  The thing with cleanses is, they are somewhat like a diet.  As soon as you go off and start eating "normal" again.  You're weight will pop back on and sometimes even more than before.

So what is an easy solution to start seeing the pounds melt away as you learn new healthy habits?  Daikon radish is one trick.  Daikon dissolves fat and is also a diuretic (so are other radishes to a lesser degree.)  I prefer it cooked because I do not care for a strong radish flavor.  Longer cooking turns the large white spicy root, sweet and delicate.   You can slice it up and put in a pan with a 1/2 inch of water and pinch of sea salt.  Simmer with a lid on for 20 minutes or until all of the water has evaporated. 

I also like it quick pickled.  Not only will these fun crunchy bites add a little zing to a meal, they aid digestion while dissolving some fat. 
I peel the root for this preparation, just because I like it better that way.  Then cut into matchstick sized pieces and sprinkle with sea salt.  Leave it to sit on your counter for several hours, then rinse and enjoy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolve to Reframe

Reframing is a simple and powerful little tool you might have learned in a psych class, a coaching seminar, or from a self- help speaker.  Basically it is being willing to see something from a new point of view.  The "I'm too fat and no one is ever going to want me," turns into "I have lost weight before so I know it is possible.  If I get into better habits, I could keep it off for good instead, of reverting to old ways, and even if I don't look like a model, there are probably more men out there who like a woman with curves, I see women of all sizes with great guys..."

Reframing is how you see something in a more productive way.

Lying to yourself isn't going to work, sugar coating the truth where you put a smiley face sticker over the problem often just makes things worse, so how in the heck does reframing a situation make a difference?  By taking you out of the negative emotional state and giving you more room to breath, you are more apt to take some new actions and feel better.  This can snowball into momentum towards your goals where things start getting easier.  It all starts in your mind.

You could be worried about spending money on something you really want.  You are justifying or maybe just put the purchase on a credit card and now are eating over the feelings of guilt.  Instead you could reframe the investment as something you needed.  Maybe you needed to feel better about yourself.  Maybe you needed the instruction, or the distraction this purchase gave you and you can see the benefits.  

Practicing reframing can get you out of a negative and stuck situation and put you on a more successful track. 

A therapist or coach will often be reframing for you so you can see more possibilities.  If come in complaining that you can't stop eating crackers, he/she might ask you questions to find out what the crackers are giving you and then what that answer will give you and what it is you really want/need.  When you learn to ask yourself the questions yourself, you will begin to be adept and thwarting off your own binges, bulges and "laziness".  It can be quite fun. 

It's day one of the new year and a great time to begin living your dream... Don't let a little old thinking spoil that.  Get out and reframe.