Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nobody Wants a Half Ass Life

Sharing is fun - each person gets a whole experience.  You are experiencing your life in its entire form, and you don't want it to be "half ass." 

You don't get out of bed and say, today I want to feel really lousy and tired and have a rotten day.  So why make choices that will make you feel badly.  Sometimes for only a moment and sometimes for years. 

Currently I'm getting emails on thread connected to an honors society I was put in.  There is a man trying to decide if he wants to spend more money to do graduate work at a better school with a good name or do a cheaper school that no one has heard of, or considers sub par (and I think online).  I vote for the one that makes him feel good about himself.  At the end of the day, sure the name school might open doors but the real obstacle is if he chooses the sub par to save money and then feels badly for the rest of his life - that is far more costly.   He might feel good for a little bit because he saved money but lose out on great connections or even jobs for many years to come. 

Many people do this same thing daily when making their choices with food.  They bargain that this binge will be the last or they will get into healthy habits later.  I'll eat this cheap doughnut today and McDonald's tomorrow and then have to deal with dry or blemished skin, or weight gain, or health problems for years.  Of course a cookie here or there isn't the same as making a choice of school, but if you start thinking of how this bite now might effect the immediate or not so immediate future, you will find making different food choices surprisingly easy.

As the year comes to an end and you start thinking about what you would like for 2013 - Maybe resolve to feel good and make choices that make you feel good.  You are having your whole experience so design it how you would like it to be.  This can be the year you start living the life you've always dreamed.

If you want to begin the year with some direction and know how - I've slashed the price of a session for January.  Go to and grab a slot while you can. 

2013 - Live Fully and Enjoy it.

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