Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Drop that D word - and Start Living Your Star Body - Right Now!

--> --> -->Now that you have been stuffed, sugared, and sauced, you might be thinking of the D word.  Only diets are so passe right?  Well, they should be.  That old way of thinking that got someone through a picture opp looking svelt, and had them gaining more than ever right after, is not what you want.  Starve and binge has not worked for anyone, so why sign up for weight watching, when you can have freedom and feel good for life?

Some of my students assume that I've never been fat, or had to diet or purchase clothes in different sizes.  Unfortunately, I've done all of that, and had my fair share of D living, until I finally learned how food works and got committed to feeling good every day,  not just for the special occasions where I didn't want to be embarrassed by extra girth. 

Everyone wants to be an A lister, and you can be looking like one, once you understand how to create balance.  Balance in your diet does not mean the basic four food groups, or trying to create a pyramid.  It means getting realistic of how foods work.  Some foods are naturally slenderizing for everyone.  Take beautiful burdock or prize fighting daikon.  They can dissolve some fat, clear congestion and one can give you a nice boost of energy.  Whole grains are terrific for supporting many of our metabolic needs while sweeping away toxins that cause cellulite with their high fiber content.  All grains are not created equal though, and different body types respond differently to them.  One person will start shedding weight eating mounds of brown rice, and another person will find they can't shed an ounce, even gain a few pounds, until they switch to quinoa or other plantable cereals more appropriate for their physique.

Getting a Hollywood body isn't about living on a plate of rabbit foods.  You can enjoy a cocktail, cookie or cupcake when it's surrounded by balancing elements to what you eat, and a little daily exercise.  (Too much exercise can even backfire sometimes and cause puffiness or a bigger body, so don't start thinking you have to be Hercules if you would rather be Helena.)

The side benefits of dropping D living is that you also get radiant skin, outrageous energy and feel strong, healthy and clear.  Some people experience getting more done, or more ease where there used to be frustration.

Just for January I've slashed the price of a session so you can learn the benefits of maximizing your food, and have that healthy freedom everyone deserves.  Look like an A lister for life!

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