Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nobody Wants a Half Ass Life

Sharing is fun - each person gets a whole experience.  You are experiencing your life in its entire form, and you don't want it to be "half ass." 

You don't get out of bed and say, today I want to feel really lousy and tired and have a rotten day.  So why make choices that will make you feel badly.  Sometimes for only a moment and sometimes for years. 

Currently I'm getting emails on thread connected to an honors society I was put in.  There is a man trying to decide if he wants to spend more money to do graduate work at a better school with a good name or do a cheaper school that no one has heard of, or considers sub par (and I think online).  I vote for the one that makes him feel good about himself.  At the end of the day, sure the name school might open doors but the real obstacle is if he chooses the sub par to save money and then feels badly for the rest of his life - that is far more costly.   He might feel good for a little bit because he saved money but lose out on great connections or even jobs for many years to come. 

Many people do this same thing daily when making their choices with food.  They bargain that this binge will be the last or they will get into healthy habits later.  I'll eat this cheap doughnut today and McDonald's tomorrow and then have to deal with dry or blemished skin, or weight gain, or health problems for years.  Of course a cookie here or there isn't the same as making a choice of school, but if you start thinking of how this bite now might effect the immediate or not so immediate future, you will find making different food choices surprisingly easy.

As the year comes to an end and you start thinking about what you would like for 2013 - Maybe resolve to feel good and make choices that make you feel good.  You are having your whole experience so design it how you would like it to be.  This can be the year you start living the life you've always dreamed.

If you want to begin the year with some direction and know how - I've slashed the price of a session for January.  Go to and grab a slot while you can. 

2013 - Live Fully and Enjoy it.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Miracles are afoot - Hooray!

The last few days I've been experiencing miracles big and small.  Each life changing in its own way.  Sometimes the miracle is how something comes to you.

I caught the NY bug that was going around and conquered it with Manuka honey and some wellness formula.  I was fine.  Then I either got a similar thing or maybe a relapse, who knows.  I just couldn't shake it, no matter what I tried.  As a last resort to ease the coughing and congestion and feeling blah, I headed to Whole Foods for some super echinacea from Herb Pharm.  In the past, if I take it every couple of hours, I usually feel better quickly.  I just get a lousy taste in my mouth and sometimes an upset stomach so it isn't the first thing I run to.  I also have not had Quantum's cold and flu formula ever fail since I discovered it.

Whole Foods was out of the super echinacea and offered me a different echinacea and goldenseal combo by Gaia.  I thought I would give it a try.  In this formula is barberry root bark.  An herb I knew nothing about - so I looked it up.  What a miraculous find.  Check out for some of the uses.  It works for liver, skin, digestive upsets, congestion, lungs and even mood and so much more.  The bottle worked wonderfully well to clear the bug and now I have a little new knowledge to tuck into my toolbox and you do too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Drop that D word - and Start Living Your Star Body - Right Now!

--> --> -->Now that you have been stuffed, sugared, and sauced, you might be thinking of the D word.  Only diets are so passe right?  Well, they should be.  That old way of thinking that got someone through a picture opp looking svelt, and had them gaining more than ever right after, is not what you want.  Starve and binge has not worked for anyone, so why sign up for weight watching, when you can have freedom and feel good for life?

Some of my students assume that I've never been fat, or had to diet or purchase clothes in different sizes.  Unfortunately, I've done all of that, and had my fair share of D living, until I finally learned how food works and got committed to feeling good every day,  not just for the special occasions where I didn't want to be embarrassed by extra girth. 

Everyone wants to be an A lister, and you can be looking like one, once you understand how to create balance.  Balance in your diet does not mean the basic four food groups, or trying to create a pyramid.  It means getting realistic of how foods work.  Some foods are naturally slenderizing for everyone.  Take beautiful burdock or prize fighting daikon.  They can dissolve some fat, clear congestion and one can give you a nice boost of energy.  Whole grains are terrific for supporting many of our metabolic needs while sweeping away toxins that cause cellulite with their high fiber content.  All grains are not created equal though, and different body types respond differently to them.  One person will start shedding weight eating mounds of brown rice, and another person will find they can't shed an ounce, even gain a few pounds, until they switch to quinoa or other plantable cereals more appropriate for their physique.

Getting a Hollywood body isn't about living on a plate of rabbit foods.  You can enjoy a cocktail, cookie or cupcake when it's surrounded by balancing elements to what you eat, and a little daily exercise.  (Too much exercise can even backfire sometimes and cause puffiness or a bigger body, so don't start thinking you have to be Hercules if you would rather be Helena.)

The side benefits of dropping D living is that you also get radiant skin, outrageous energy and feel strong, healthy and clear.  Some people experience getting more done, or more ease where there used to be frustration.

Just for January I've slashed the price of a session so you can learn the benefits of maximizing your food, and have that healthy freedom everyone deserves.  Look like an A lister for life!

Sign up right now at!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Gifts To Love

Try as you might to be super organized, even the best list maker might need a last minute gift solution -  or maybe the stress of all that shopping has you wishing for some extras to fill your own stocking. 

If you are holding up the holidays solo like I am - then definitely give yourself a few fun treats.

Being beautiful just got easier with LORAC's gorgeous PRO Palette .  The colors work for everyone and are beautiful on.  I've been having so much fun with this sleek, slender, toss in your bag, essential.  All LORAC's shadows can be used wet or dry so this is a bargain considering it doubles as eyeliner too.  Plus that little mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer will rock your world.  Everything stays on beautifully until you decide to take it off.

Guys - get to Sephora quickly and ad this to everyone's gift!

I use LORAC because it's not only a line that makes me look great, all of the products work for my super sensitive skin.

Where I go to fill in some other beauty items is

To take off the make-up, you want to be gentle and effective. is a good way to go.   As many of you know I've been using their deodorant for years.  It's the only one I've found that is natural and works well.

Everyone loves music, movies and more  - so Itunes gift certificates are a good way to go.  The gift will show up in their email and is truly a super last minute gift that works. 

With January around the corner, gifting someone you love a coaching session is a beautiful contribution to making this a great year!  Learn some new tools with food -

Finally have the body, life and freedom you've been wanting.

Gifts that last are gifts that keep adding benefits long after that fun day of opening.

Enjoy your Holidays all year long.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fast and Easy - Gluten Free lunch wraps

Steamed/blanched collard greens, with the hard part of the stem cut out, make terrific wrapped sandwiches.  Today for lunch I simply brought a small pot of water to a boil, blanched collards and carrots and then used that water to boil a little rice pasta for a grain side dish to my wraps.  Really didn't need it though.  These turkey, avocado and carrot wraps were plenty filling.  I used a little veganaise and mustard spread over the turkey too. 

Get creative.  Anything can be rolled up in a lightly cooked collard.  Grilled veggies, rice and hummus or leftovers from dinner.  It's a great way to get kids to eat more greens.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Portion Solution

Happy Happy and Merry Merry can easily turn into ate too much and feeling yucky.  Remember the remedies, kudzu tea, umeboshi, mint, homeopathics, etc... for those moments you need a little extra support.  Ask your coach for specific ones for your specific trouble. 

One of the best prescriptions for staying well and merry, is eat less.  Even in the face of more more more being paraded under your nose.  It's fine to enjoy a little extra treat if your stomach isn't already so full from the previous meal.  Remember, many foods take hours to digest.  So eat lightly and try just one cookie instead of three.  When you eat lighter, it taxes your whole system less and it becomes more efficient.  Then there is more room for a snack or two when you want to sip, crunch or enjoy the joy of holiday foods.

Cut down just a little on each meal can have a large impact.  I you usually eat 1/3 of a cup uncooked grain for a meal, (cooked of course in a cup of water) try having a 1/4 cup instead.  If you use 1/4lb turkey in a sandwich, go for a little less and a lot more veggies.  Get creative and watch how easy it becomes to realize you are satiated, just not stuffed... Then there is room for a little treat here and there.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Corn Free Polenta? For those who have iffy tummy's here's Gluten Free, Macrobiotic, Vegan Vegegarian, Recipe

Corn may not have gluten but unless you have tested positive for Celiac, and think you might be intolerant, corn can be a culprit of gastric distress. Which is a shame since it tastes so good and comes in so many forms.  (corn chips, corn wraps, corn on the cob,  polenta...) The good news is that if you figure out what your trouble stems from, it can usually be fixed and then eating wheat, corn, rye, etc. do not have to cause you any trouble.

In the meantime...brown rice farina makes a wonderful creamy cereal that cooks up quickly.  Use it for any meal just as you would grits or polenta.

I buy mine here:

It cooks up ultra fast and can be the exact consistency you enjoy by adding more or less water.  This afternoon for my lunch it was quite nicely dense and could be as a base for a meal or put right into a soup or eaten out of a bowl with a little flax oil or earth balance on top. (how I always eat it but I do have visions of making a chunky sauce similar to a marinara without the tomato and pouring that on top.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Food Can Be Quick and Easy

Too often I hear people say they don't have time to cook or don't want to take the trouble for "just me".  That's silly.  Cooking your food will give you more energy, and sparkle to go have more fun, get your work done faster and look you best.  While you might enjoy the PB and J, the mac 'n cheese, slice of pizza, or speedy take-out.  Really making a lifestyle of that means less quality in your life.  If that is what you want, keep doing it.

If you want a quality life.  Start living it.  Your plate is a perfect place to begin.  The how to, will get easier, the more you practice.  First scout out the closest place to get the best organic produce.  For me, that's a little co-op market down the street.  They don't have a lot, you never know what you will find, but it's always organic, fresh and tastes great. 

The reason for close is it usually works better to buy less items and shop more often.  It's to discouraging to say you'll start cooking only to have bought too much and watch produce wilt or turn brown.  Plus it tastes best being fresh.

To give you an idea of how fast and simple you can make things for yourself, here's what I just did for lunch.  I had leftover super simple chicken soup from the night before that I heated up with some mochi and water fried the most tender, sweet collard greens to go with it.  The soup had been pretty quick too.  All I did was fry onion, carrot, celery, turnip and parsley in a little oil, add water and simmer for 10 minutes, add a chicken breast and simmer for 10 minutes more and seasoned with a little tamari.  It's not as rich as making the soup the traditional way, but it's still delicious, satisfying and wonderfully quick.  Especially when heating leftovers...  Last night I had it with rice from the day before that had been creamy rice cereal for breakfast and in quick sushi rolls for lunch.  This is just one example of endless possibilities of things you can combine for your healthy, quick meals.  I must say, the flavors were so satisfying because the produce itself was so good. 

Experiment, play, and don't skimp on yourself.  You deserve a quality life.