Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy's gone and the power is back on

Thanks so much for those of you who were checking in on me.  I finally got power back yesterday afternoon since the hurricane blew in Monday.  While I didn't love the cold, dark and not being able to wash up, cooking skill did come in handy.  We still had gas to cook with so I wasn't outside trying to build a fire and you can make very good meals with very little ingredients.  Canned beans and whole grains are always good to have on hand and came in pretty handy.  Apples didn't need the fridge and it's been so cold, many people put things out on their windowsills to stay cool. 

Since restaurants couldn't stay open, I happened to meet a couple of women who were worried about what to eat.  Cooking seemed intimidating and they were surviving but not very happy.   Food was about the only highlight of all that cold and darkness so even if you don't plan to use your abilities often, please learn some great basics!  Teach your kids.  I wouldn't wish a hurricane on anyone but natural disasters do happen and this is just one small way you can always be prepared.

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