Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is Weight Loss all Calories in Calories out? - What I wish I could share with Melissa McCarthy

Did you read the piece today on Melissa McCarthy that was on  I bet there are a lot of folks like her who wish they could magically shift sizes and don't realize that it could be easier.   It's no fun, no matter what size you are, to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.  Some people feel badly for being too thin, while some perfectly beautiful folks are still wishing to be more this, or more that.

What does it take then to be happy with what you have?  What does it take to be able to shape shift at will?

Melissa says in the piece that she eats healthy and exercises, so she doesn't know why she isn't slimmer.  When I see diet records of clients, I can usually pinpoint right away what the problems are.  First of all, there is the issues of how balanced the diet is.  I know a girl with Melissa's build who thinks she is doing great by eating a plate of tomato's, basil and cheese as a meal.  A very large plate.  Or a salad that is the size I would serve a family of four.  Quantity can diminish quality.  Eating too much at once of even healthy foods can have adverse affects on health and weight.  Small and steady really does win in this case.

Another thing I consider is body type.  The Vedic system with Vata, Pitta, and Kapha is a good guide.  Vata people do better with lots of whole grains. (remember real whole grains like brown rice.  Bread is refined just by the nature of being bread.  The grains are not whole anymore, so they don't work the same in the body.)  Kapha folks are better off will less grain more alkalizing vegetables.

Eliminating cravings (it's incredible how they all dissolve when the pancreas is happy.), and also the ideas that go along with the cravings are a big advantage.  Advertising has convinced us that drinking beer every night is sexy, or you should be able to eat cookies as a snack.  (What happened to pretzels on airplanes?  They now say here is a snack and it is all dessert foods...)  Fruit is a snack.  A fun vegetable roll idea is a snack.  Like rolling up sliced carrot, avocado and ume in a little sheet of nori.

One more thing to remember is that small changes can yield big results over time.  In the week we had no power or heat, I was moving more.  (had to walk crazy amounts to just get some basic items, like food and a shower.) and I didn't have my own nightly dried fruit snacks, because I ran out.  I lost noticeable weight in just a couple of days.  That's not extraordinary, that's anyone who was using that recipe.  Eat less, move more, and go whole for your body type.

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