Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gift Ideas

One thing you will notice with healthy baked goods - They are best the day you make them.  while I loved that a guy I dated enjoyed some lemon squares I baked, I was extremely embarrassed he saved them, and shared them with his best girlfriend.  (Don't worry gals - didn't date him long...I can hear your thoughts from hear about that sentence.) She said how good they were, but I knew they couldn't have possibly been good sitting out or in a fridge for several days.  With no cane sugar (a preservative) and the freshest organic ingredients, cookies can become like cardboard and muffins can get hard. 

While it's fun to give healthy treats as a gift.  (I've done it plenty) Consider who you are giving them too and what might be best.  Here are a few ideas to go with a single easily consumed that day treat.

Homemade candy will not go bad like baked goods so play with chocolate or make up your own mints, brittles and peanut butter cups with healthy recipes.  (yes there are some in my books)

Gift cards and a single cookie. Itunes to Bergdoff's, anyone can appreciate a gift card.
A mug with some beautiful tea.  (There are some terrific ones at Harney & Sons in Soho - have you tried their organic Rooibos?)
Yoga, dance, golf, even shooting ranges can sell you a small package of classes or sessions.  Got a Hunger Games fan? Give her some time using her bow or see if you can get tickets now for the next renaissance faire (you can find your own local faire- here in NY you can purchase for next August... )

If you must bake a pie, cookies, brownies, or pumpkin muffins.  Give some instructions to freeze right away to keep freshness around longer. Be sure to make some extra for yourself too.

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