Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Right Again - A Moment

Last nights lovely Stogo's ice cream eating left me waking up fuzzy this morning.  I opened my tiny jar of ume extract first thing, stuck a chop stick in it to dig out a pea sized amount of the thick goo.  The first taste can make your eyes water.  I'm too lazy to make kudzu tea and don't really want it.  The ume is alkalizing enough to set me right from a small sized pomagranate chocolate chip and red velvet.  At least that is what I tell myself.  We'll see I suppose if there is a reaction in the next few days.  The kind that only come out 48 to 72 hours after ingestion.  The moods, the skin reactions,  or  discharge like a runny nose. We'll see.

Most people don't notice their reactions.  They live in a below optimal state constantly, and think waking up fuzzy is what coffee is for.  Others avoid the fun foods, eat starkly and manage their feelings of taking themselves out of society.  I empathize with both sides. 

I cut into an apple and find it too sour to eat the whole thing.  It's only the size of a golf ball but I leave the second half sitting face down in a dish meant to hold a condiment like soy sauce for sushi.  I've cooked some millet and enjoy it plain with a dash of flax oil and some twig tea.  I'm starting to feel right again. 

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