Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raw vs. Cooked - Which is better?

I was just looking on a blog of someone I used to know.  Ironically he was making fun of me about my diet back when I knew him.  Now he is marketing himself as a "Caveman," making his food and feeling better than ever.  There are a lot of raw food enthusiasts who claim the same health benefits as those who are macrobiotic or vegan or any number of names for eating more whole foods and less processed products.  The diabetics often say they need less insulin or can stop taking it, cancers disappear, aches vanish, skin clears, and weight becomes slender easily.  You can achieve a lot with a switch in diet.

I was taught that raw is a cooking style.  It's cooling for the body to eat raw veggies and fruits and some fattier fish are easier to digest raw.  From the perspective of yin/yang where yin is long lean, light, floaty etc., than raw is yin.  For people who are very yang, eating more raw foods can help them get to balance and feel better.  You have to work with the constitution you are born with.

I'm more yin to begin with.  I have long lean limbs, torso, even my neck.  Not excessively but you wouldn't say I was built stocky.  For me, eating too much raw food and I'll get cold, painfully thin and usually just a little too much and I have a cold and feel lousy.  I enjoy salad or fresh fruit but I wouldn't ever make a raw diet a way of life.  Most of what is served in the raw restaurants is indigestible for me.  I just end up sick.  For people who feel great from it, they can't understand why I don't.  Maybe it's their body type or perhaps they have come from eating a lot of heavy meats, breads and things I have not touched in years so for them it's beginning to clean up where my cooked whole grains have already done that. 

One book I read said that humans didn't develop the part of the brain for higher thinking until we discovered fire.  Too much yin can certainly make you spacey or unfocused and forgetful.  Cooked food tends to be easier to digest and give long lasting centered energy.   You get to do what works best for you.  The good thing about all of the increased attention to diet is that more people are discovering the benefits of good organic natural foods and no relying on products.

If you still are looking for the cookies and snacks more than enjoying wholesome meals, you might want to get a little coaching and find out what is underneath that.  What drives your food choices and what keeps you from finding balance and vibrancy?

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