Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vegan, Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Delicious Dumplings

Here is Junie.  She owns the wonderful vegan, healthy ice cream shop Stogos that I adore.  We were doing some food experiments yesterday.  (More on that later...)  I love learning great tips from wonderful chefs like Junie.  Notice the pan fried dumplings she brought over.  (Ignore the pan, it's not either of ours but I'm living in a furnished flat at the moment and don't have much of my own...) She included garlic in them and told me that she took out the stem of the garlic.  Apparently that is what gives you the bad breath.  Good to know.  Parsley wasn't needed after this lovely meal.

To make your own, just chop up what you might want in your dumplings.  Examples could be cooked shrimp, garlic and chives or tofu, cabbage and green onion, you could use leftovers even and plunk your small bits into the center of a dumpling wrapper.  Seal with a little water and then pan fry.  We used olive oil because it was what I had...sesame oil would give a nice flavor.  Use ginger, tamari, and a little vinegar to make a dipping sauce...Ummmmm.

Junie's food is fabulous and her upbeat energy is infectious.  Stop by Stogos in NYC when you are there just to get a healthy healing dose of the love she infuses into everything.

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