Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All or Something - Stop Sabotaging Your Health

I just had the most lovely email from a woman who decided to stop getting my blog emailed to her.  She had been eating well, doing Pilates and yoga and read inspirational books.  Then she got a new job, moved to a new city and left all of her feeling great about her health and body behind.  "There's no time," she writes.

Making healthy food choices doesn't take time.  While I understand letting go of some email, (whose inbox isn't full of extras?) I don't understand the all or nothing thinking to living a lifestyle she says has made a huge difference for her.

My salad for lunch today took only twelve minutes to put together and it was very hearty and satisfying.  Dinner is going to have to be late because of a 5-8pm meeting I need to go to.  I have ideas in my head of options.  I could make a quinoa, kale, onion and artichoke heart dish with tofu or pick up a veggie empanada on my way home.  I'll see how I feel, and how late it is for cooking.  Food is a part of life that doesn't go away just because this woman doesn't have the luxury of hours to spare anymore.

She also writes that she is angry and upset with herself for how she feels and looks now.  

Where do you give up on yourself or let yourself down and why?  Do you think there could be another way to go?  What would that take?  What small changes could make you feel better about your food choices right now?  (Please don't be saying you'll start by switching your cookies or ice-cream to healthier ones, how about trying a new vegetable or cooking a soup from scratch?)

Stop sabotaging yourself, if you are, and start treating yourself like a star.  Create a new healthy habit this week.

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