Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where's the (vegan, macrobiotic, healthy, fantastic...) Cookie?

In a world where we can have our carrots and kale in a chip or healthy style marshmallow cream, chocolate chips that are barley malt sweetened, why oh why are there no crisp, fun cookies made with better sweeteners?

Someone with capitol and time, please go and box up some creative yummy cookies that we all can feel good about.  Mani's bakery used to sell some.  I've given you recipes for shortbread cookies, lacy crisps with chocolate drizzle toppings, Betwixed bars at halloween and lemon bars at Valentine's day.  There used to be local Michelle's cookies that were wonderful in Santa Monica, but sadly they disappeared.  Frookie's got the name from sweetening with fruit juice then switched to the horrible cane juice, as did all of the more natural cookies you could buy in a health food shop.

Yes sugar is cheaper but in the long run, far more expensive when you factor in the amount of over the counter remedies or doctors bills you will have from consuming it. 

Personally I want cookies to be made with better ingredients that don't taste like granola or a recipe from 1965 that is so clunky you could use it as a paperweight.  I want the Pepperidge Farm versions that are crisp, fun and just happen to be made with organic good quality ingredients.  Wouldn't you?

So who's willing?  Who can make this happen and why hasn't it happened already?  Get Michelle back,  Someone buy my recipes and put them in boxes or create something entirely new and fun and delicious on your own.  We need crunchy delights ready made just as much as our wonderful baking because sometimes you want things you don't make or don't have time to make right?

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