Thursday, September 27, 2012

Students, Clients, Friends - A little reminder

It's just about time to start moving all of the food coaching items off of and onto (unless you happen to think they should go elsewhere - let me know...) 

If you have studied with me, you can still get the old rates for a while.  Simply email me and I will send you the link.  If you are feeling you need a booster session or have some questions, or maybe would like inspiration to finally make some changes, now is a good time while you can get the old rates. is changing over to reflect the changes in my own life and emerging writing career.  While my coaching ability is as strong as ever and I am very happy to get to teach some of you who have decided to go into food coaching as a career, I'm excited to be transitioning and focusing on writing.  Food and health will always be important to me and I get to see the benefits of what I've learned grow better.  It's almost unbelievable how this way of life just gives you even more energy and more clarity year after year. 

If you have not yet committed to learning how foods work for you and making that a part of your daily habits, I suggest you do that right now!  Take your health to the next level and then your relationships will get better, your work more fulfilling and hobbies might turn into something more.  Have big fun as a good friend of mine used to say....

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