Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snack Traps

I don't care of you're gluten free, dairy free, hormone free or fancy free.  Your snacks should be providing freedom and not snagging it from you.

Snacks are going to happen.  Maybe they should happen.  They just need to be what a snack is.  A small little bite of something.  An in-between meal pick-me-up and not a meal in themselves.  Forget that myth about consuming 5 or six small meals in a day.  Most people are fine with three, some even two.  Be they sensible anyhow.  Often though that little breakfast gives way to mid-morning hunger and forget the mid-afternoons.  They're more like a moment of brain collapse for some folks.

So the idea of the snack is a little nibble.  A small something just to get you through, put some blood sugar back in the 'ol noggin so you can think again and get back to what you need to be doing.  (Not checking the email or Facebook one more time.) If you are happy with your weight, then you might like nuts, nutbutter on an apple, or leftovers from lunch.  If you want to shed those extra pounds, opt for veggie snacks.  Cooked are usually more satiating.  (probably because you can assimilate the nutrients easier...) Make or order extra veggies at dinner to bring to work the next day.  Or toasted seeds, a little fruit or your own creation. 

I've been known to take avocado, smear a little ume paste on it and wrap up avocado inside for a quick snack that makes me happy.  Usually these days I am fine with a piece of fruit.  My blood sugar is stable and all I need is a little something.  Fruit makes me happy.  Sure I used to be happier with cookies and there are days when I might even have one, or a treat like Stogo's ice cream.  That just isn't what I do often.  That might happen once every couple of months and not even every week these days as a dessert.  Everything changes.  So should your snacks as your body becomes more balanced.  Until then, plan something appropriate.  Something that supports you.  That's snackin' happy....

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