Friday, September 7, 2012

Say Yes To....Happier Skin

This summer in Los Angeles I found the most wonderful hair salon, 3-Hair Make-up.  The sister's running it, Melisse and Dayana, are so sweet, fun and terrific with hair, I hated to leave them.  (Not to mention they are very fairly priced....) I asked them what they used on their flawless skin one day and they told me about the Yes To Carrots brand that is wonderfully natural and you can buy it in the drug store.

Well, why did it take me so long to try these incredible products???  I finally purchased a couple of skin care items at Bed Bath and Beyond here in NYC.  My skin has never felt or looked better.  Now I want to try the whole line.

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I tried the Yes To Blueberries body lotion and facial sirum.  The lotion is the most light, non greasy and well working lotion I've tried and you know I've tried tons of them in my life.  The sirum does what I want it too.  I look good and am hydrated and my tint of color glides over it.  Plus I feel good that they use ingredients I would use and none of the harmful stuff.  We need more companies like Yes!

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