Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration for All

Staying inspired is the key to...well...everything really.  You need it for working out, creating experiences within a relationship that keep it fresh and you definitely need it when it comes to what you eat.  For most of us, the same 'ol same stuff, gets boring.

So how do I stay inspired? I used to use my collection of cookbooks to come up with ideas.  I loved buying a new book and trying a recipe or even just getting ideas from the pictures.  Now my favorite food inspiration site is  The photos are tantalizing and even if I'm not interested in all of the ingredients, I can always find a way to make something similar. 

I don't have any trouble staying inspired when it comes to other things because I'm always interested and will search out new art shows, free happenings, films or even what's going on at the local library.  (Bingo for Booklovers is this week, if anyone happens to have Wednesday night free....)

Staying inspired in your work might involve pushing yourself to give more.  Where can you make your work more fun?  What would have you feel like you are leaping to the next level?  It might be getting yourself to give more or it might be shaping up your physique.  Feeling good about how you look plays a key role in how workmates perceive you and how they accept what they get from you.  I know this sounds shallow but it's true.  There have been studies even. 

When you are enthused and inspired, it's contagious.  You life up your own life and those around you.  Start small and go wide.   Take pride in staying inspired.

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