Sunday, September 30, 2012

If You Have Wanted To Lose Weight and Haven't - Read This Now

What stops you from eating better? 

It probably isn't that you need to know more. 
It probably isn't that you don't have access to good food or can't afford it.
 It probably isn't anything other than your mind.

What do you tell yourself?  Do you say "I don't have time."  ??  Time for what?  To pick up the groceries or go to a healthy restaurant or is it the cooking part?  What is it that you don't have time for and what do you have time for?

 If you would rather spend your time driving to a different restaurant or do you pick up the foods you know and are familiar with?  Yes, it might take a bit more time in the beginning when you are learning something new, but in the long run, you could make healthy food in the same time it used to take you to get drive-thru.  (Not kidding.)

Are you putting everyone else's needs above your own?  Do you skip lunch to be there for your boss or grab something quick for yourself, but prepare your kids favorites?  Remember if you are not well and happy, everyone who comes into your sphere feels that and it gets reflected back to you in some way.  Take care of yourself 1st!  Plan good food for yourself.  Make it the night before if you are a night person or first thing in the morning for those who are full of energy in the morning.

Fitting good food into the day is as easy as fitting in the old habits but it is new.  It will take staying committed to it and to yourself.  That only takes a little shift in how you think each day.  The nicer you are to your body and your self - the better it is for everyone.  Let go of the all or nothings.  Let go of perfection.  Just begin.

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