Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breakfast - Unculturally great

I've been happily living in a new space for almost a month now.  I offered my roommate some of my cooking millet for breakfast and she politely declined adding, "That doesn't even smell good."  I had to giggle.  I remember when eating whole grains for breakfast was completely foreign.  When my only references for what to eat first thing in the morning were sweet.  Fruits, yogurts, pastries or some sort of toast and usually with jam. 

We are culturally conditioned to consume certain items and not others.  How much of that is due to smart advertisers who shape the cultural norms?  Before there were frosted flakes there were only grains or leftovers from dinner.  Many cultures just reheat the bits from the night before and fry it up with an egg probably laid by the chicken outside.  They ate what they had, and they didn't have processed foods or bakeries to enjoy pleasant finery often.  And that was really good for their health.

The kings had to have a doctor  on staff full time because his rich diet gave him gout or indigestion or headaches.  We take for granted what people eat but I love my primitive morning ritual of whole grain, sometimes some raw honey, always hot herbal/twig tea.  The smell of millet is inviting because my body knows how great it feels with so much energy from the fuel it gets.  I used to include greens in the morning but have since left that only for my other meals.  Soups too in the beginning were a 3X daily occurence as my digestion needed to recover.  As I healed, I needed them less and just enjoy them now when I feel like them.  Everything changes with the seasons and condition but my enjoyment of simple whole grains, veggies, beans, even sea veggies, seems to just grow stronger as the years go by.  Feeling good is fantastic and freeing.  I too had to get used to all of the new tastes and smells. 

How about you?

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