Monday, August 13, 2012

Vanessa Paradis' wise words

I just read a little tidbit by accident where Vanessa Paradis made a comment on relationships.  She said she gets angry (I'm paraphrasing...) when people say you have to work at relationships.  She doesn't think it is work.  You have to want to be there, she said.  I think that is exactly right.

You have to want to love that person and be with them.  Not some version of them you hope they will be.  If they want to be there with you, they will naturally learn what makes you happy, because they want to see you happy.  They'll take actions that foster that.

It's the same with your relationship with food.  You have to want to have a healthy relationship with your body and what you put in it.  Too many people say they care because they eat a salad, but then proceed to ignore all of the coffee, sugar, fat, poor quality ingredients, etc.  Have you ever been addicted to trying to get bits of pleasure from a partner that doesn't really want to be with you?  It's painful.  Are you indulging in coffee drinks or sweets or too much quantity because you are trying to ignore the pain and enjoy the immediate pleasures, hoping for a different outcome from the one you have had???

Break up with your bad habits.  Let go of foods that are unsupportive.  Stop convincing yourself that what you eat is okay when you know it isn't and get healthier, happier and more alive, right now!!!  Remember, small changes, consistently done, can equal big results.

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