Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Raw Honey - Magical Immune boosting

Not too long ago I was telling my friend that I had to finally come to terms with the fact that my immune system was never going to function "normally" again despite my best efforts to clear all of my illness. 

Certainly yeast, bacteria, virus, etc. will zap our energy and deplete the immune system.  Cane sugar, just a tiny little teaspoon, can paralyze our immunity for up to six hours.  I'd cleared the culprits from my body, but I still felt maddenly delicate.  Then I started taking raw local honey for my allergies last spring.

The honey I've been getting at a local co-op is thick, creamy, and delicious.  I mix it with a bit of cinnamon both morning and night.  At first it worked briliently to clear my allergy symptoms, but then I just enjoyed my little daily treats.  When I got back to NYC after a lovely 2 month summer break, I noticed how much stronger my immunity had become.  It had to be something more than a good rest. 

I had a chat with an MD who confirmed when I said, "It seems like the raw honey is helping my immune system."  "Oh it will do that.  It can make it stronger," she told me.  Bethany Muhl, my wonderful acupunturist also confirmed the power of raw honey.  "It's medicine," she said as I discussed the seeming benefits.

Hopefully the Co-op won't run out of my sweet supply and I can continue this experiment into the winter.  Not that other raw honey wouldn't be equally beneficial.  I just happen to like this taste and texture.  Find the one you like and let me know about it.

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