Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Things In Perspective - But Don't Live Under Water All The Time

I have a very militant vegan friend who posts things on Facebook such as "Like Sugar?  So does cancer, inflammation, diabetes, yeast, arthritis, insomnia, and most other diseases." 

While she is right, and even the smallest amount of cane sugar in all of its various forms (molasses, cane juice, sucanant, etc. organic or not.) cause my immunity great distress, and usually a horrible reaction.  I get boils, run down, irritable or emotional or full on get "a bug."  Other people do not notice a thing.  We're all different.  We all have different levels of tolerance to pollution, or cigarette smoke, or alcohol,  (which is a distillation of sugar - just saying...)  for example. 

The thing I encourage people to do though is experiment.  If you are used to eating a certain amount of cheese, or sugar, or bread, coffee, what ever the item(s) is/are that you indulge in regularly, play with cutting them out to see how you feel. 

If you live under water and all you know is what it is like to walk around under water then that would seem quite normal to you.  You couldn't jog very fast and currents would pull you around.  Then if one day you walked up to dry land and found that sort of freedom of movement, you might be elated.  All of sudden you could jump higher, run faster and feel the freedom of living in air instead of water.

Most people live under water.  They are used to feeling sluggish, tired, irritable or slightly depressed where they don't move freely.  When you take out the culprits such as those I listed above and increase (organic if you can) whole grains, herbal teas, vegetables, and other basics, it's like living in a whole new world.  A place where you have more freedom and feel more vibrant and alive and well.

It takes commitment though.  I have seen far to many people who love the benefits of even cutting out one item like cane sugar.  They get off their antidepressants, they look younger, have more energy, feel great and then decide they would rather eat Krispy Kreme than look and feel that good.  So they go back on their meds and drink coffee to cover how tired they feel.  It's sad for me.  I highly recommend getting support until your new habits stick and don't say you'll never have a Krispy Kreme or some sugar but do get cleaned up and then keep committed to feeling great rather then always allowing instant pleasure...

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