Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get Unhooked!

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  I just read something on about unspoiling your kids.  I love the list idea they used.  When a child wants something, instead of saying no, you tell them to put it on their list.  The idea is then for the next special occasion they can pick one item, or if they would like to start working for allowance, or create a product (selling Lemonade is one...), they can purchase some of their desires themselves.

Now how would you go about unspoiling yourself?  If you indulge in alcohol each night, desserts are a daily habit, portions are out of control or you eat until everything is gone, what would you do differently?  How would you create a new habit instead?  What would be motivation enough or reward enough to keep going for 30+ days and longer? 

Do you justify and say that you are not addicted when deep down you know that you are?  Would you be willing to put down the glass or the spoon and really start to retrain your brain and feel the power that comes from being in control of what you consume instead of substances controlling you? 

Chemicals are powerful.  There are manufactured chemicals in your body and the ones your taking in from outside sources.  Self medicating with food, drinks, or substances is tricky business when you play hard.  You might feel it's "normal" to have what you have but really are you free of mood swings, find yourself loving your body each day and so happy and healthy, you never need to take a pill or potion of any kind?  Probably not if you're reading this blog.  So expect some unpleasant feelings to come up.  Be unattached to them by watching and saying to yourself, "yeah, that's coming up now because I'm not covering it up with chocolate, beer, wine or cookies.  This is normal and I can handle these feelings because they will subside in a few minutes.  I would like to feel great, be clean and focused and healthier..." Or what works for you.... 

Get unspoiled and then indulge in something truly fun like a first class hotel and spa experience or save up for those shoes you've had your eye one or anything that lets you feel top notch. 

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