Thursday, August 9, 2012

Creat Good Systems - Mood elevation, energy and weight loss can be more simple than you thought

My friends can laugh with this post 'cuz a few of them know I have a "pet peeve" about dish racks.  I hate them.  They take up very good counter space and are a fungal breeding waste of energy.  It doesn't take much time in my opinion, to just dry the dishes and put them away.  Being in the dish rack and piling things up seems a terrible system.  Dishes get chipped more easily as people then pull out they things they need like a pot from under the pile, or while someone is just rushing and tossing them in.  It's not inviting to cook the next meal if you have to first put all of that pile away just to get cooking.

Create a better system.  Part of a system is what you do, and the other part is what is going on in your head while you do it.  Dish racks are supposed to save time.  At least that is what people tell themselves I guess.  In reality, they really don't.  One of the things taught frequently in coaching programs are how tolerations drain your energy.  Having dishes waiting in the sink or piled in a rack is a toleration just as much as a sink that barely drains or a shower that drips.  Those things that you know you ought to take care of in the back of your mind.  Things that you would like to be different but you are tolerating, create a less than situation.  The more tolerations you have, the more energy is drained from you. 

Environment is that powerful.  That's why I spent this last week searching as hard as I could to find a nice place to live.  Found one yesterday and have been so excited ever since.  If you are prone to depression or lack of vitality or can't quite shed those extra pounds - take a look at your environment as much as your diet.  Cleaning that up and creating systems that work well for you can bring some pretty fabulous results.  Give it a month though before you evaluate - sometimes things shift quickly but usually you need to be consistent with the new things for a little while to see their effects.

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