Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are You A Good Gatherer? Start Living More Now!

Are you a good gatherer?  Do you get excited about an idea and make sure you have all the right stuff?  Maybe it's a hobby where you go and buy all the equipment you need and then some.   Do you wait to start cooking before your kitchen is completely filled with every gadget, dish, spoon or high speed blender?  Maybe you start a class and buy all the books but then stop doing the assignments half way through? 

Woman, and men too, are great gatherers.  Women especially seem to know exactly where things are in their home.  They've put away the extra soaps, towels, clothes they hope to fit into, or special foods they want to save.  A man might have the extra golf clubs, tools, or special car items stored for the day them might pull them out.  I knew a man with an entire car buffing kit but he took his car to a car wash every week and had them wax it sometimes.  He never used his special "make it shine" stuff at all.  He just had it.

Gathering is an action.  It's a fun action.  It's getting set up for the first day of school.  It's a promise of a better future, of reaching a goal or having life be sweeter in some way.  Just keep taking the action.  Don't buy the pencils, notebooks and texts without going to class and doing the work.  The real sweetness is in expanding who you are and becoming more of who you want to be.

If you want to be thinner, take new actions towards that.  If you know you need to move more, get moving.  You don't need the perfect jogging outfit to get out and put one foot in front of the other.  You don't need the right swim suit if you don't even have access to a pool.  Do things you can do, NOW.  Plan them into your schedule and stop making excuses.  Our brains are soooo good at finding ways, plausible ways, to get out of the thing we think is going to be uncomfortable. 

The uncomfortable place, (when it's in a good direction mind you...) is exactly where you need to be, to grow.  To create new habits.  To have the life you are dreaming about.  Then the uncomfortable becomes comfortable and you start seeing what a fun game this really is.  And, yeah, you'll still get the pleasure of gathering but you'll stop holding yourself back from your dreams and be in them!

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