Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's Your Stuff?

Did you ever hear George Carlin's bit on "Stuff?"  He talks about how we like to accumulate stuff, own stuff, and then get bigger and bigger containers (homes) for our stuff.  Then go on vacation and take smaller versions of our homes with us feeling much better when we have our stuff.  I love when he says something about have you ever noticed that when you go visit someone else that their stuff is shit but your shit is stuff?  The way he puts it is so funny because we can relate.

It's the same thing with food.  Your food is good food and other people's food is often "yuck."  I remember the sadness I would have as a kid when brownies weren't fudgy like my moms or coleslaw had other things in it that I didn't want like macaroni.  There were plenty of good discoveries too.   Sweets I adored from homemade funnel cakes at the Boyum's house or mint chocolate bars someone always brought to gatherings. 

When I discovered that changing my diet could end my suffering, I had to let go a lot of what I thought was good and embrace foods I knew nothing about.  My tastes changed and soon the good stuff was very very different than what it used to be.  It worked well and I associated my new diet of whole grains, lots of veggies, beans I'd never eaten before and mild sweets with feeling terrific.  I gave myself enough time for the results to last.  There's no going back.  Slowly I see the world catching up but often folks want to justify the bad stuff as good or okay so they don't feel guilty about consuming it. 

What happens when you let go and experiment is that you see eating a little less can feel good.  Whole grains in the morning instead of hard dry cereal is far more energizing, or having the aches and fog disappear is better than any pastry.  Fun foods become a special treat instead of an every day right.

Play with how you see things and the way you see things can give you a whole new game.

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