Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tomorrow is the Last Day to Get Your Fr*e Book - Don't Miss Out

Tomorrow is the last day to get your free book.
Go right now to to get recipes for breakfast, recipes to help you when you are doing a Candida clearing. (these are recipes to go with a session on how to clear yourself of candida.) or recipes for lunches and dinners to keep you inspired.

If you purchase a book from and then email me with your order number, I'll send you a self care check sheet and an additional cookbook via email.  

Remember also that you get 18% off any book on lulu using the code CAUGHT.  It's only good for one more day as well.  

You can look better in your bikini in just a couple of weeks.  Use your Self-Care check sheet to create a healthy habit to replace something you've been doing that you are ready to let go of.  Late night snacking?  Too much ice cream eating?  Want to cut things down to one drink or none?  How about the little extras or finishing the kids meals?  Start creating habits you are proud of instead.  The simple Self-Care sheet will help you do that.  The recipes will keep you inspired.

Get great stories with my fourth book and some of my favorite recipes by clicking here, then just send me your order number and I'll send you another cookbook absolutely free along with the Self Care tool.  Or pick any of the books on


Go right now to  and use CAUGHT as your check out code for savings, then email me the order number for your free book that isn't even for sale.  A completely additional cookbook to what you can order here.

Remember this offer ends tomorrow..........get your books today!  I look forward to hearing from you.


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