Monday, July 9, 2012

Make Your Habit's Work For You

"We first make our habits, and
then our habits make us."
- John Dryden

I just got such a nice email:

Susan, I want you to know that your the missing link in a major part
of our lifestyle where diet & food are concerned.  Your time with us
has led us down the path of "doing". I have known of the acid/alkali
(sp?) principle but found it difficult to make happen in my life.  You
have changed that.  All of this new found energy, especially during
this heat is a godsend.  Thank you again, ours was a most fortunate meeting.

Leslie Kirby

What did I do, besides give Leslie some great recipes and food know how?  Tools to start changing her habits.  Habits rule - so choose wisely.

Of course you can change your habits any time you like.  But how many actually do that?  That takes effort to go a new way to work, try a new dish,  get some exercise into the day... But good habits are worth cultivating.   Once you have them in place then they are your rocks and pillars to lean on.  They support you and keep you living a life that makes you happy.

We are human animals that like habits.  I'm sure you have a breakfast routine, some kind of work routine or maybe a procrastination routine and an avoidance routine.... What if your kid was left to never brush their teeth or hair or get dressed or bathe?  You'd have a dirty kid who could lose all their teeth and not have too many friends.   Instead you teach your child to have some habits of hygiene that you know will last them forever.  (At least you hope.)

What would you like in your life?  How are you going to get there?  What habits can you create today that will give you the support you need?  What are your go to foods for breakfast/lunch/dinner?  Where does exercise fit into your day/week?  What about relationships?  Career?  What new habit could make you that much more effective or happier?  Choose one or two and start tracking your progress.  (Clients that means get out your self care check sheet...)

There is a reason I have a four session package at It takes about 3-4 weeks for a habit to start settling in and becoming what you do.  The longer you stick to it, the more habitual it becomes.  If you get 4 coaching sessions you have had the encouragement, support, and tools to launch your life to the next level and keep going.

If there is something you would like, something you might have been putting off or making excuses for why it isn't happening, then begin right now.  Remember "The chains of a habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken...."  So just replace the ones you don't like and make 'em powerful with action.

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