Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Get More Freedom NOW!

I read a friend's post on FB just now - It's The 4th of July and she wrote:  "Going to the gym before the bbq is like going to confession before the sin."  I laughed, I liked it and then I got in the shower and thought - "Wait, what is it that you are planning that you have to confess"  What is wrong with enjoying a day outside with friends, maybe around the pool?  You might have a cocktail or a beer, a burger, chips, watermelon and a brownie.  I hope there is corn on the cob.  Fun summer stuff.  Nothing wrong there.  The problem is when you plan on consuming lots of all that stuff or big amounts. 

Maybe you just need to plan better.  Going to the gym shouldn't be punishment for what you are about to receive.  Working out ought to be a great part of the day just like a good meal.  You get to exercise to feel better, get an endorphin rush, move the lactic acid out of the muscles, sleep better, have more energy and feel sexier!  And that's just the beginning....

So plan to have fun, enjoy your friends and yourself.  If you have been wired that seconds are more fun then firsts or you always go get another... (fill in the blank with yours...brownie, beer, shot, pie or as much as you can)...or maybe you think "you just can't stop or help yourself".... then grab a session quickly at so we can free you of that misguided thinking.

Have your independence all summer long and look good doing it...

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